Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Well, now that I have created this page I must now come up with something to say. Let me check with the Mad Dog.........., Ok, he says to shut-up and put some food in his bowl or he is going to squat on the rug. I guess I'm on my own for now. Lazy dog! Well, here's one he told me yesterday. It seems the Tom "in the Slammer" DeLay has been calling the Mad Dog for advice on how to deal with his ethical lapses of late. The press has been having a field day because Tom's been flying around the world playing golf and raffling off legisation to the highest bidder. If that wasn't enough to handle, there is this prosecuter down in big "T" who has indited all of Toms' friends. He even says he has evidence that " the Slammer" was envolved in shaking down corporations for donation and then funneling the money back to like mindless confederates so stack the Texas statehouse. So here is what MD came up with,he says Tom start barking about how those evil Democrates are all out to get you. Tell them that everbody does it. Tell anyone who is still taking you serious that the dog ate your homework. And if all else fails, squat on the rug.


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