Thursday, April 14, 2005



As I was walking the Mad Dog this morning I was struck by the similarities between myself and the majority party in Washington. I get to drive the gas gluping SUV, be my own boss, you know, play the big shot. Makes my feel real important. So after the dog is done doing his bushiness (or as he likes to call it " lobbying the house " ) he turns to me and gives me that "well, are you going to carry my sh..(agenda) or just stand there with that fox in the news house grin. Knowing that if I don't do as he "wishes" he will probably bite me or something, I dutifully get down on my knees scoop up his donation. Now I know I could get a minimum wage worker to do this for me or even an illegal alien but you know what would happen. Mad Dog and the new dog walker would get together, cut a deal, and poof I would be back in Texas spraying for cock roaches.


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