Thursday, April 21, 2005

Senate to Investigate DeLay ...Right!

Dateline : The North Coast;

The Senate republicans held a news conference to announce that they were now " willing to look into the un-ethical and illegal conduct of Tom DeLay." The little man from Texas has been acting as if the federal government was his own personal corporation and he's above the law. The future head of pest control for Leavenworth prison, and leader of the attact on the two party system of government, has been seen hanging out with armed thugs in Texas saying how good it feels to have alot of people with guns around him (The NRA). When he is not pretending to represent to the people of Suger Land,Texas, he has been trying to instigate attacts on the federal judges .
Well, on the surface this call for as investigation of Mr. DeLay would seem like a step in the right direction if not for the fact that under pressure from "The Slammer" the ethics panal has changed the rules that now say if no violations are found in 45 days the whole matter will be dropped. So after 45 days of investigating 10 years of unethical and illegal conduct and no charges being filed against him Tom gets to declare victory and walk away scott free. After removing members of the ethics panal (republicans) that had already called him on the carpet and replacing them with members he has funneled thousands of dollars into their re-election campaigns the outcome of this "investigation" is a joke. It would be laughable but the joke is on us and nobody should be laughing.


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