Sunday, April 24, 2005

Sunday is for worship

On this cold Sunday morning the dog and I are about to take a stroll to enjoy this amazing planet we live on. Whatever you believe about the creation of the universe, our little part is truly a wonder. There is something special about Sundays. Maybe it is because people sleep in and the hustle and bustle of daily life is put off for awhile. On this Sunday there will be a new voice coming from many churches in this country. It will be the voice of the republican leader of the U.S. senate. The self appointed Rev. Billy Bob Frist. It seems that the "CAT KILLER FROM TENN." has decided to take his and the republican majorities attack on the three part government system set up by the founding fathers to the pulpit. Today they will be broadcasting their attack on the people who are appointed to the judicial branch of our government. This is part two in their attempt at creating a one party system. Part one being the attempt to end the senate filibuster. Make no mistake, these people want a dictatorship in this country! The president himself said " It would be much easier to rule if this was a dictatorship ( in this country)." And it seems the neo-conservatives in government are trying to do just that. Their message will be "If you disagree with us you are against all people of faith." Really ? With this logic they must be trying to say that the pope,who disagreed with the president on the war in Iraq, is against all people of faith. Nonsense to be sure but many will be swayed by this convoluted logic. The Arab world must be thrilled to see the U.S. coming around to their way of thinking. They call their dictatorship a theocracy and now we are taking politics to the pulpit just like them. And we call them religious extremist.


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