Tuesday, May 31, 2005

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Friday, May 27, 2005

Memorial Day...Remember?

On this Memorial Day we remember all of the brave men and woman who gave their all in defense of the freedoms and liberties that we enjoy today. They died in wars that were fought in faraway places for noble and not so noble reasons. But they fought and died. We ,the people, owe them our deepest thanks and respect.

Some of these brave Americans died in place of the people in power in Washington today. Republican politician that avoided service and sacrifice not for ideological or moral reasons but because of wealth or political connections. Yes, the very same people who lead us into a war for oil and allowed over 1600 brave American patriots to be picked off while standing on street corners in Iraq chooses not to fight when it was their turn! These are people that we must remember also. Remember and send back to their mansions and ranches and Park Ave. Apartments. Just get them out of Washington;

1. G.W. Bush...AWOL

2. Dick Cheney....5 deferments, the last one for getting married.

3. Tom DeLay...... He stated that all the spots in the military were taken by minorities

4. Bill Frist.........Busy killing cats in Boston

5. Dennis Hastert....Medical deferment (bad knee) was a sports star in college

6. Trent Lott.... Cheerleader

7. Jeb Bush..... Need I say more

8. Carl Rove.....To busy practicing dirty politics

That's just a few of the brave warmongers who choose not to go so your sons and daughters could take their place. I hope that all of your loved ones came home safe and sound. Now it's time for me to go place some flowers and show my respect to the real hero's of all those wars.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Just a'walking the Dog

While the dog was walking me this morning he turns to me and says " Hey, what's this crap about the Bush Mafia wanting to "fix" social security?" The last time he heard the word fix he lost a couple of his prized body parts so I understood his concern. So in between lifting his leg and barking at shadows (him not me) I told him about private accounts and the supposed having control over your own money by investing in the stock market. Well, you would have thought I grew floppy ears and a white tail. Maddog barks " Wait a minute "SS" (I hope he calls me that because he considers me his social security) was not social security set up as a insurance program, not an investment program? As a matter of fact, he is right again. With all the misinfomation coming from the Republican propagada machine, this fact seems to be lost. As for the program being broke, well that's just a lot of what I pick up after our walks in the morning. There is 1.7 trillion dollars in the trust fund right now. This will grow to 6 trillion in the coming years. I wish I was that "broke." The only problem with social security losing money is the polititicians themselves. They can't seem to keep their hands off our retirement funds. They have "dipped in" to the tune of 4 trillion dollars. And when ask how they intend to repay " our " money the simple say " we are not!" My dog has a message for all of you who think a failed bushiness man from Texas is going to make your retirement better. When you hear the word "FIX" coming out of Washington, run for your lives!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

One Party Rule

Rev. Billy Bob Frist and the Bush Mafia are about to mount their assault on the the American system of government. Their one and only goal is to have absolute majority rule. The plan is being carried out on the floor of the U. S. Senate. It involves limiting debate. Yes, debate! The use of the filibuster is a way of allowing a passionate minority to keep the majority in check. To be sure that the wishes of the segment of the population that voted for the minority party are heard. In the case of the current senate that would be 59 million U.S. voters. Debate is all the senators do. The House of representatives is set up so the majority has majority rule, absolutely. This was done by limiting debate. But the senate was set up to have unlimited debate. If this assault on the checks and balances that keep our lawmaker civil is allowed to happen, we will truly have lost our form of "representative" government."

Thursday, May 12, 2005

This was sent to me in a e-mail. It's the real cost of the Bush cartels quest for Empire. Posted by Hello

Monday, May 09, 2005

Somewhere in Kentucky

Dateline; Kentucky,

This last weekend I went down to the beautifully blue grass state of Kentucky. It was the 131th running of the Kentucky derby. An event that draws the attention of the world to this great state. Big hats on the women in flowing white dresses, mint juleps in hand. With the finest horses anywhere competing in the run for the roses trophy.

With the latest news coming out of Kentucky giving the state a backward reputation, this was a refreshing change. Of course I'm referring to the republicans attempt to preach politics from the pulpit. Their "In-justice Sunday" was held in a mega-church in Louisville a couple of weeks ago. This was not only an embarrassment to the state of Kentucky but the whole country. The Right Rev. Billy Bob Frist was leading the congregation in his self-composed hymn " If you ani't on the right, your dancin' with the devil tonight" while the victims of a failed public school system shouted Amen. If you haven't figured out what I'm referring to it's the neo-cons grab at one party rule by doing away with the filibuster.

So I decided to see what the "solid south" REALLY felt about what is going on in Washington. And praise be if I wasn't in a room full of right minded intelligent liberal democrat's. Now I will admit, these were well educated, hardworking, commonsense citizens. Their ages ranged from 78 to 91. These were not aging hippy types but people who had lived through the "Great-Depression" and the days before Social security. These were true patriots. If only Rev. Frist and G.W.Bush would hold a church service or townhall meeting with these fine folks we might see them singing a different hymn.

To them and the neo-cons I say this; The south will rise again and when it does people like Bush and Frist will be the first to re-live a old southern tradition; Tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail. And for my friends sake I hope it happens soon.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Elmo's in Hiding

OK, Now they have went and done it. It seems that attacting kids, the poor, and old people isn't enough for the repugnant party that's now in power in Washington. I mean really, this is the final straw. The republican in charge of oversite for PBS is trying to put pressure on these people to be more " fair and balanced." In other words they want Elmo in a sheet. It would seem that having the airwaves polluted with the likes of a draft dodging drug addict isn't doing enough to promote their extreme right wing agenda. ( Rush avoided the Vietnam war with a deferment he received for having a boil on his ass. ) I guess this is payback for PBS turning down the Lynn Cheney Show. She already has the clown as her side kick. What do these people really want? Maybe the plan is to start indoctrinating our children before they are old enough to think for themselves. It could go something like this; today's number is number 4. OK, kids say 4. And what does 4 stand for; four more years of King George! Very good children, now repeat after me; God and George,George and God, God and George. God help us if these wingnuts are not thrown out of Washington and soon. As for Elmo, he's in hiding. Seems that someone's been at the library and wants to know what books he has been checking out. As for me, I'm printing up "Free Elmo" bumper stickers.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Mo' Money for Moe, but not Curly or Larry

The republican controlled Senate is at it again. They simply have no shame or feel that the American public is to dumb to see through their attempt at grabbing total control of our government. Hopefully, they will be proven wrong. In their latest grab at complete power they have passed out of committee, without debate, a bill to limit your voice being heard. This bill would put unreasonable controls on 527 groups such as Move On, Act, and The Real Moral Majority, and others. While raising the amount of money they could receive from Corp.'s and industry groups. One party rule is their ultimate goal! Is this any way to run a committee setup to debate the issues and decide what the final wording should be(in the bill). Having a majority in committee, the republicans simply call a vote and pass it without hearing from the representatives of 60 million American citizens who took the time and responsibility to vote! In doing this they avoid those pesky nightly news shows that call into question their motives. If you feel that the people you voted for should have a voice, call your Senators, write your local news papers, but do something. Groups like Move On receive donations on the average of less than $50. These come mainly from working people. It's their voice the republicans want to crush. Yet they attempt to allow massive amounts of money from 1 single corporation. Oh, by the way, Exxon's profits went up 40% in the last quarter. That translates into 10's of BILLIONS of dollars. Exxon donated hundreds, if not millions of dollars, to republicans last year. What are you paying for gas?