Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Elmo's in Hiding

OK, Now they have went and done it. It seems that attacting kids, the poor, and old people isn't enough for the repugnant party that's now in power in Washington. I mean really, this is the final straw. The republican in charge of oversite for PBS is trying to put pressure on these people to be more " fair and balanced." In other words they want Elmo in a sheet. It would seem that having the airwaves polluted with the likes of a draft dodging drug addict isn't doing enough to promote their extreme right wing agenda. ( Rush avoided the Vietnam war with a deferment he received for having a boil on his ass. ) I guess this is payback for PBS turning down the Lynn Cheney Show. She already has the clown as her side kick. What do these people really want? Maybe the plan is to start indoctrinating our children before they are old enough to think for themselves. It could go something like this; today's number is number 4. OK, kids say 4. And what does 4 stand for; four more years of King George! Very good children, now repeat after me; God and George,George and God, God and George. God help us if these wingnuts are not thrown out of Washington and soon. As for Elmo, he's in hiding. Seems that someone's been at the library and wants to know what books he has been checking out. As for me, I'm printing up "Free Elmo" bumper stickers.


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