Saturday, May 21, 2005

Just a'walking the Dog

While the dog was walking me this morning he turns to me and says " Hey, what's this crap about the Bush Mafia wanting to "fix" social security?" The last time he heard the word fix he lost a couple of his prized body parts so I understood his concern. So in between lifting his leg and barking at shadows (him not me) I told him about private accounts and the supposed having control over your own money by investing in the stock market. Well, you would have thought I grew floppy ears and a white tail. Maddog barks " Wait a minute "SS" (I hope he calls me that because he considers me his social security) was not social security set up as a insurance program, not an investment program? As a matter of fact, he is right again. With all the misinfomation coming from the Republican propagada machine, this fact seems to be lost. As for the program being broke, well that's just a lot of what I pick up after our walks in the morning. There is 1.7 trillion dollars in the trust fund right now. This will grow to 6 trillion in the coming years. I wish I was that "broke." The only problem with social security losing money is the polititicians themselves. They can't seem to keep their hands off our retirement funds. They have "dipped in" to the tune of 4 trillion dollars. And when ask how they intend to repay " our " money the simple say " we are not!" My dog has a message for all of you who think a failed bushiness man from Texas is going to make your retirement better. When you hear the word "FIX" coming out of Washington, run for your lives!


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