Friday, May 27, 2005

Memorial Day...Remember?

On this Memorial Day we remember all of the brave men and woman who gave their all in defense of the freedoms and liberties that we enjoy today. They died in wars that were fought in faraway places for noble and not so noble reasons. But they fought and died. We ,the people, owe them our deepest thanks and respect.

Some of these brave Americans died in place of the people in power in Washington today. Republican politician that avoided service and sacrifice not for ideological or moral reasons but because of wealth or political connections. Yes, the very same people who lead us into a war for oil and allowed over 1600 brave American patriots to be picked off while standing on street corners in Iraq chooses not to fight when it was their turn! These are people that we must remember also. Remember and send back to their mansions and ranches and Park Ave. Apartments. Just get them out of Washington;

1. G.W. Bush...AWOL

2. Dick Cheney....5 deferments, the last one for getting married.

3. Tom DeLay...... He stated that all the spots in the military were taken by minorities

4. Bill Frist.........Busy killing cats in Boston

5. Dennis Hastert....Medical deferment (bad knee) was a sports star in college

6. Trent Lott.... Cheerleader

7. Jeb Bush..... Need I say more

8. Carl Rove.....To busy practicing dirty politics

That's just a few of the brave warmongers who choose not to go so your sons and daughters could take their place. I hope that all of your loved ones came home safe and sound. Now it's time for me to go place some flowers and show my respect to the real hero's of all those wars.


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