Sunday, May 01, 2005

Mo' Money for Moe, but not Curly or Larry

The republican controlled Senate is at it again. They simply have no shame or feel that the American public is to dumb to see through their attempt at grabbing total control of our government. Hopefully, they will be proven wrong. In their latest grab at complete power they have passed out of committee, without debate, a bill to limit your voice being heard. This bill would put unreasonable controls on 527 groups such as Move On, Act, and The Real Moral Majority, and others. While raising the amount of money they could receive from Corp.'s and industry groups. One party rule is their ultimate goal! Is this any way to run a committee setup to debate the issues and decide what the final wording should be(in the bill). Having a majority in committee, the republicans simply call a vote and pass it without hearing from the representatives of 60 million American citizens who took the time and responsibility to vote! In doing this they avoid those pesky nightly news shows that call into question their motives. If you feel that the people you voted for should have a voice, call your Senators, write your local news papers, but do something. Groups like Move On receive donations on the average of less than $50. These come mainly from working people. It's their voice the republicans want to crush. Yet they attempt to allow massive amounts of money from 1 single corporation. Oh, by the way, Exxon's profits went up 40% in the last quarter. That translates into 10's of BILLIONS of dollars. Exxon donated hundreds, if not millions of dollars, to republicans last year. What are you paying for gas?


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