Monday, May 09, 2005

Somewhere in Kentucky

Dateline; Kentucky,

This last weekend I went down to the beautifully blue grass state of Kentucky. It was the 131th running of the Kentucky derby. An event that draws the attention of the world to this great state. Big hats on the women in flowing white dresses, mint juleps in hand. With the finest horses anywhere competing in the run for the roses trophy.

With the latest news coming out of Kentucky giving the state a backward reputation, this was a refreshing change. Of course I'm referring to the republicans attempt to preach politics from the pulpit. Their "In-justice Sunday" was held in a mega-church in Louisville a couple of weeks ago. This was not only an embarrassment to the state of Kentucky but the whole country. The Right Rev. Billy Bob Frist was leading the congregation in his self-composed hymn " If you ani't on the right, your dancin' with the devil tonight" while the victims of a failed public school system shouted Amen. If you haven't figured out what I'm referring to it's the neo-cons grab at one party rule by doing away with the filibuster.

So I decided to see what the "solid south" REALLY felt about what is going on in Washington. And praise be if I wasn't in a room full of right minded intelligent liberal democrat's. Now I will admit, these were well educated, hardworking, commonsense citizens. Their ages ranged from 78 to 91. These were not aging hippy types but people who had lived through the "Great-Depression" and the days before Social security. These were true patriots. If only Rev. Frist and G.W.Bush would hold a church service or townhall meeting with these fine folks we might see them singing a different hymn.

To them and the neo-cons I say this; The south will rise again and when it does people like Bush and Frist will be the first to re-live a old southern tradition; Tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail. And for my friends sake I hope it happens soon.


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