Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Bush's Plan Revealed

Last night the Bush cartel's propaganda machine finally revealed the real reason for sending America's brave men and women to the worlds 2nd. largest oil producing country, they're decoy's. It seems that by sending troops to Iraq Bush gave all the Islamic extremist a place where they could meet and carry on their holy war against the United States. He said, in so many words, that in doing this we would not have to fight them at home. Could this be the real reason that he has no plan to leave Iraq? Or maybe the reason there never was a plan to leave Iraq? As long as he has our troops standing on street corners being picked off like sitting ducks, or trying to navigate the dangerous roads from one place to the other, he can say that there have been no new attacks in the states. (Is that why we haven't had one terror alert since the election.) So stay with me on this;

1. We went to war because Saddam was a threat to our national security.

2. Then it was .....We went to war because Iraq had WMD's.

3. Then we were told it was because S.H. was a bad man.

4. Oh yea, it's to bring democracy to Iraq.

5. Now we are it was so we don't have to fight them on our home shores.

As long as Bush has this war going on he feels that he's safe from public examination of the short sightness or out right incompetent way he has lead us into the hell hole called Iraq. Sure the roads are dangerous and we could be using the riverways to transport supplies. But the rivers are full of ships carrying oil out of Iraq. The roads are so dangerous that the contractors that were hired to transport supplies (Haliburton) have refused to do the driving and had the military take over.

So I quess the Bush plan is working.

Friday, June 24, 2005

As Ohio goes, so goes the Nation

The political scandal that has been floating around the local and state news outlets in Ohio has finally hit the national media. It is being reported today that Gov. Taft is now personally involved in corruption, by republicans, on a national level. This all started when it was revealed that the state allowed the Bureau of Workers Compensation to invest 53 million dollars in rare coins. The person that was given this money was a political fund raiser named Tom Noe. Mr. Noe was well connected in republican circles , having raised money for just about ever GOP politician in the state. His fund raising was not limited to state and local activities. He also brought in over one hundred thousand dollars for none other that G.W. Bush. With this amount of political capital and the instinct of a carnival barker Noe went shopping for his payoff. What he found was gold .... gold coins. He took his small sports trivia company and trasformed it into a multi-million dollar rare coin investment corporation. Using the Workers Compensation Fund to bankroll the whole deal and enrich himself along the way. Here's how the scam worked in a nut case; Noe would by coins and then have them appraised usually at a higher price. After the coins were sold he would take his cut and give the rest to BWC. Going as far as to try to buy the appraisal company that was appraising the coins. Want a deal.

The whole thing started falling apart when greed raised its republican head. They seem to think of greed as a "family value." Money started to go missing, coins started to go missing and the oversite of this taxpayer money started to go missing. The rule seems to be "don't bite the hand that feeds you." Now in defense of Gov. Taft, he's just not that smart. Nor is he highly thought of by republicans themselves. Not once did Bush appear with Taft while running for president in '04. Republican officials went as far as to hide what was going from him. With the money gone and the Toledo Blade newspaper reporting daily about the corruption going on in Columbus, the rats started deserting the ship. With the governorship of Ohio up for grabs top republican hopefuls either became silent or started whitewash investigations. These co-conspirators include Sec. of State Ken Blackwell and full time political hack (and Auditor of State) Betty Montgomery. Both of these people started to denied that the had close connection to Mr. Noe. Both received large amounts of cash from Mr. Noe. I think they know who he is, wouldn't you?

There's an old saying in politics that goes something like this; "as Ohio goes, so goes the nation." In this case I hope it's true. It's time to send the "Greedy Old Party" back to where they belong. The golf coarse.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Nope, no weapons of mass destruction here. Posted by Hello

Bush volunteers for Vietnam

Yes folks it's all true. After 33 years Bush finally volunteers to go to Vietnam. But, not to worry, the war has been over for about the same time. Now I'm not going to rehash the whole A.W.O.L. thing. The guy received special treatment no matter how you look at it. Here is the part of Bush's military career that I find ironic. When Bush signed up for the National guard there was a space with two little boxes. A place to check "yes" and a place to check "no." Written next to those boxes was something like "would you be willing to serve overseas" meaning Vietnam. And which one do you think our brave leader checked? Before you answer remember this is the guy who said he didn't take his required medical exam because they were going to retire the plane he was trained to fly. The plane was used to train pilots until after the war was over. Also remember that not one reliable person even remembers seeing him at the base where he was assigned to spend his time. He checked "no", of course. But all is not lost. He has been invited by the what ever of Vietnam to visit and now he has checked "yes." They must be planning a pipe line or something. No George not that kind of pipe, an oil pipe line.

Friday, June 17, 2005

The beginning of the end

June 16 should go down in history as the beginning of the end for the Bush cartel. Their web of lies about the capabilities of Iraq to pose as a threat to the United States began to unravel in the basement of the capital building. After the republican leadership refused to provide a room for the democrat's investigating the "Downing Street Memo" to meet in, they headed fo a cramped room down in the basement with their four witnesses in tow. The republican leaders also put 11 issues on the table that would be voted on starting at the same time as the investigating committee was to conviene. That's 11 votes in a two hour period! These guys must be the hardest working men in politics. Or maybe the plan was to cause as much disruption (to the investigation) as possible. What could be the reasoning behind disrupting something as important as finding out if the President and Vice President lead this country to war based on false pretence. In my opinion, the Downing Street memo provides proof that they did just that.

With Rep. John Conyers chairing the committee, the witnesses provided testimony about how the President and his administration "Fixed" intelligence to give them cover to attack a sovern nation that was no threat to the U.S. The President not only was trying to mislead the world about his motives in attacking Iraq, but was attempting to mislead the congress and the American people. That's you and me folks. And now it's our turn.

What the President and Vice President have done is a criminal offence. And "our" constitution is clear on what the next step should be, Impeachment. Bush sent to the congress a signed document stating his reasons for invading Iraq. If the evidence proves that he knew these reasons to be false congress must begin proceedings for impeachment at once. This is not about democrat's or republicans. This is about all of our constitution. The document that was written to protect " the people " of this nation against out of control politicians.
Some might say that the end justifies the means. To them I would like to point out that over 1700 brave Americans have given their lives. They heard their nation's call and believing their government would only send them into harms way for highest of ideals, they gave their final measure. We owe them and their families the truth.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Outrage or Thriller

For the past few months there has been little being said or written about " The Downing Street Memo. " I mean of course, by the main stream media in this country. There has been no mention of this important document on the nightly news by the broadcast networks. Nor have the cable channels seen fit to bring the subject up except in passing. So much for the myth of the liberal media. Could this possibly be because of the abuses at the once honorable FCC or because of the consolidation of the media into the hand of a few very powerful corporation. It seems to me that these two events are really one. The rules were changed by the republican controlled congress and enforced by the FCC to ensure that these few corporations could control the news. The heads of these corporations are all right wing republican and show their support and appreciation through huge campaige contributions.

For those of you who have missed the reporting on this memo here is the jest of what it says.
1. Bush was planning to invade Iraq before 911.
2. He intended to use the " war on terror " as an excuse for invading Iraq after 9/11
3. The White House was manipulating the intelligence to " fit " its reasons for going to war.
4. The message was clear to the British to " get on board "

This " Downing Street Memo " was from a meeting with England's representative to the U.S. and Tony Blair, the prime minister. Both Blair and Bush have denied that this is true. Neither has called the memo false or called for an investigation into the source of the memo. They seem to be waiting for the news media to bore us to sleep with the Mike "King of Pop" Jackson trial. It's a thriller you know.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Defending America.....well, maybe just his backyard.Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Convicted Republican's show no Remorse

The other day the man know as " Deep Throat " finally has come forward to reveal his identity. Mark Felt was the number two man at the F.B.I. in the early 1970's when a group of criminals broke into the democratic headquarters at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C. Under the direction of " Creep" ( the committee to re-elect the president) the republican administration had brought in thugs to steal information that would help Nixon be re-elected. Just as in today's world, a fair election was to risky for the coup plotters that Nixon had unfortunately surrounded himself with. After the arrest of the burglars the White House carried out a cover-up of this un-American and illegal activity with the full support of Nixon. The head of the F. B. I. was ask by the republican administration to stall the investigation and would have done so if not for two reporters from the Washington Post and Mark Feld.

Today the men involved in the attempted Coup-De-Ta, most of them convicted felons, are trying to tell us what a evil man Mr. Felt is for spoiling their party, the republican party! G. "out of my" Gordon Liddy has been saying what a terrible thing Mark Felt had done by going around his superior, who was playing along, and exposing this illegal act. Another one of these criminally insane would-be thieves, Charles Colson, can't believe that Mark Felt is a hero. Colson, who found God in prison, and Liddy, who found money in spreading lies through radio, have nothing bad to say about the newspaper reporters who wrote the stories, nor do they deny their actions. They show no remorse for what the did. Only for getting caught. These are the new " heroes " of the neo-con's in the republican party today! To Mark Felt and his family I would like say "thanks" from all of us who know the truth. You are a hero to us.