Friday, June 24, 2005

As Ohio goes, so goes the Nation

The political scandal that has been floating around the local and state news outlets in Ohio has finally hit the national media. It is being reported today that Gov. Taft is now personally involved in corruption, by republicans, on a national level. This all started when it was revealed that the state allowed the Bureau of Workers Compensation to invest 53 million dollars in rare coins. The person that was given this money was a political fund raiser named Tom Noe. Mr. Noe was well connected in republican circles , having raised money for just about ever GOP politician in the state. His fund raising was not limited to state and local activities. He also brought in over one hundred thousand dollars for none other that G.W. Bush. With this amount of political capital and the instinct of a carnival barker Noe went shopping for his payoff. What he found was gold .... gold coins. He took his small sports trivia company and trasformed it into a multi-million dollar rare coin investment corporation. Using the Workers Compensation Fund to bankroll the whole deal and enrich himself along the way. Here's how the scam worked in a nut case; Noe would by coins and then have them appraised usually at a higher price. After the coins were sold he would take his cut and give the rest to BWC. Going as far as to try to buy the appraisal company that was appraising the coins. Want a deal.

The whole thing started falling apart when greed raised its republican head. They seem to think of greed as a "family value." Money started to go missing, coins started to go missing and the oversite of this taxpayer money started to go missing. The rule seems to be "don't bite the hand that feeds you." Now in defense of Gov. Taft, he's just not that smart. Nor is he highly thought of by republicans themselves. Not once did Bush appear with Taft while running for president in '04. Republican officials went as far as to hide what was going from him. With the money gone and the Toledo Blade newspaper reporting daily about the corruption going on in Columbus, the rats started deserting the ship. With the governorship of Ohio up for grabs top republican hopefuls either became silent or started whitewash investigations. These co-conspirators include Sec. of State Ken Blackwell and full time political hack (and Auditor of State) Betty Montgomery. Both of these people started to denied that the had close connection to Mr. Noe. Both received large amounts of cash from Mr. Noe. I think they know who he is, wouldn't you?

There's an old saying in politics that goes something like this; "as Ohio goes, so goes the nation." In this case I hope it's true. It's time to send the "Greedy Old Party" back to where they belong. The golf coarse.


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