Friday, June 17, 2005

The beginning of the end

June 16 should go down in history as the beginning of the end for the Bush cartel. Their web of lies about the capabilities of Iraq to pose as a threat to the United States began to unravel in the basement of the capital building. After the republican leadership refused to provide a room for the democrat's investigating the "Downing Street Memo" to meet in, they headed fo a cramped room down in the basement with their four witnesses in tow. The republican leaders also put 11 issues on the table that would be voted on starting at the same time as the investigating committee was to conviene. That's 11 votes in a two hour period! These guys must be the hardest working men in politics. Or maybe the plan was to cause as much disruption (to the investigation) as possible. What could be the reasoning behind disrupting something as important as finding out if the President and Vice President lead this country to war based on false pretence. In my opinion, the Downing Street memo provides proof that they did just that.

With Rep. John Conyers chairing the committee, the witnesses provided testimony about how the President and his administration "Fixed" intelligence to give them cover to attack a sovern nation that was no threat to the U.S. The President not only was trying to mislead the world about his motives in attacking Iraq, but was attempting to mislead the congress and the American people. That's you and me folks. And now it's our turn.

What the President and Vice President have done is a criminal offence. And "our" constitution is clear on what the next step should be, Impeachment. Bush sent to the congress a signed document stating his reasons for invading Iraq. If the evidence proves that he knew these reasons to be false congress must begin proceedings for impeachment at once. This is not about democrat's or republicans. This is about all of our constitution. The document that was written to protect " the people " of this nation against out of control politicians.
Some might say that the end justifies the means. To them I would like to point out that over 1700 brave Americans have given their lives. They heard their nation's call and believing their government would only send them into harms way for highest of ideals, they gave their final measure. We owe them and their families the truth.


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