Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Bush volunteers for Vietnam

Yes folks it's all true. After 33 years Bush finally volunteers to go to Vietnam. But, not to worry, the war has been over for about the same time. Now I'm not going to rehash the whole A.W.O.L. thing. The guy received special treatment no matter how you look at it. Here is the part of Bush's military career that I find ironic. When Bush signed up for the National guard there was a space with two little boxes. A place to check "yes" and a place to check "no." Written next to those boxes was something like "would you be willing to serve overseas" meaning Vietnam. And which one do you think our brave leader checked? Before you answer remember this is the guy who said he didn't take his required medical exam because they were going to retire the plane he was trained to fly. The plane was used to train pilots until after the war was over. Also remember that not one reliable person even remembers seeing him at the base where he was assigned to spend his time. He checked "no", of course. But all is not lost. He has been invited by the what ever of Vietnam to visit and now he has checked "yes." They must be planning a pipe line or something. No George not that kind of pipe, an oil pipe line.


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