Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Bush's Plan Revealed

Last night the Bush cartel's propaganda machine finally revealed the real reason for sending America's brave men and women to the worlds 2nd. largest oil producing country, they're decoy's. It seems that by sending troops to Iraq Bush gave all the Islamic extremist a place where they could meet and carry on their holy war against the United States. He said, in so many words, that in doing this we would not have to fight them at home. Could this be the real reason that he has no plan to leave Iraq? Or maybe the reason there never was a plan to leave Iraq? As long as he has our troops standing on street corners being picked off like sitting ducks, or trying to navigate the dangerous roads from one place to the other, he can say that there have been no new attacks in the states. (Is that why we haven't had one terror alert since the election.) So stay with me on this;

1. We went to war because Saddam was a threat to our national security.

2. Then it was .....We went to war because Iraq had WMD's.

3. Then we were told it was because S.H. was a bad man.

4. Oh yea, it's to bring democracy to Iraq.

5. Now we are it was so we don't have to fight them on our home shores.

As long as Bush has this war going on he feels that he's safe from public examination of the short sightness or out right incompetent way he has lead us into the hell hole called Iraq. Sure the roads are dangerous and we could be using the riverways to transport supplies. But the rivers are full of ships carrying oil out of Iraq. The roads are so dangerous that the contractors that were hired to transport supplies (Haliburton) have refused to do the driving and had the military take over.

So I quess the Bush plan is working.


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