Thursday, June 02, 2005

Convicted Republican's show no Remorse

The other day the man know as " Deep Throat " finally has come forward to reveal his identity. Mark Felt was the number two man at the F.B.I. in the early 1970's when a group of criminals broke into the democratic headquarters at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C. Under the direction of " Creep" ( the committee to re-elect the president) the republican administration had brought in thugs to steal information that would help Nixon be re-elected. Just as in today's world, a fair election was to risky for the coup plotters that Nixon had unfortunately surrounded himself with. After the arrest of the burglars the White House carried out a cover-up of this un-American and illegal activity with the full support of Nixon. The head of the F. B. I. was ask by the republican administration to stall the investigation and would have done so if not for two reporters from the Washington Post and Mark Feld.

Today the men involved in the attempted Coup-De-Ta, most of them convicted felons, are trying to tell us what a evil man Mr. Felt is for spoiling their party, the republican party! G. "out of my" Gordon Liddy has been saying what a terrible thing Mark Felt had done by going around his superior, who was playing along, and exposing this illegal act. Another one of these criminally insane would-be thieves, Charles Colson, can't believe that Mark Felt is a hero. Colson, who found God in prison, and Liddy, who found money in spreading lies through radio, have nothing bad to say about the newspaper reporters who wrote the stories, nor do they deny their actions. They show no remorse for what the did. Only for getting caught. These are the new " heroes " of the neo-con's in the republican party today! To Mark Felt and his family I would like say "thanks" from all of us who know the truth. You are a hero to us.


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