Thursday, June 09, 2005

Outrage or Thriller

For the past few months there has been little being said or written about " The Downing Street Memo. " I mean of course, by the main stream media in this country. There has been no mention of this important document on the nightly news by the broadcast networks. Nor have the cable channels seen fit to bring the subject up except in passing. So much for the myth of the liberal media. Could this possibly be because of the abuses at the once honorable FCC or because of the consolidation of the media into the hand of a few very powerful corporation. It seems to me that these two events are really one. The rules were changed by the republican controlled congress and enforced by the FCC to ensure that these few corporations could control the news. The heads of these corporations are all right wing republican and show their support and appreciation through huge campaige contributions.

For those of you who have missed the reporting on this memo here is the jest of what it says.
1. Bush was planning to invade Iraq before 911.
2. He intended to use the " war on terror " as an excuse for invading Iraq after 9/11
3. The White House was manipulating the intelligence to " fit " its reasons for going to war.
4. The message was clear to the British to " get on board "

This " Downing Street Memo " was from a meeting with England's representative to the U.S. and Tony Blair, the prime minister. Both Blair and Bush have denied that this is true. Neither has called the memo false or called for an investigation into the source of the memo. They seem to be waiting for the news media to bore us to sleep with the Mike "King of Pop" Jackson trial. It's a thriller you know.


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