Saturday, July 16, 2005

Not about Rove, it's about War!

With Carl Rove trying to put that bulbous head in the sand, and the Nazis style propaganda machine doing it's best to change the subject, we must look at the result of what Rove's treasonous act caused. With the country not buying the Bush Administrations weak reasons for invading a sovereign state without provocation they went for the "Big Lie." This tried and true way of deceiving the people was carried out by the highest government officials in the land. That would be by the President and Vice President respectively. It was they who told the "Big Lie." Rove was just trying to make sure their lie kept some amount of credibility. And this ethically bankrupt political hack had no problem selling out the security of the United States. We will probably never know the real extent the damage of releasing a CIA agent's cover has caused but there is a price to be paid.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Leader of the Pack Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Without "DeLay"

Washington is quite this week. Almost erie in that there have been no tales of republican double dealings or scandal's. Oh, that's right, the politicians have all gone on vacation. They have all gone home to their local communities to escape the heat some are feeling from recent DOJ investigations into serious violations of the public trust. A trust that was given to them in the last couple of elections. The lobbyist must be busy destroying evidence and making sure that they have their butts covered before they hear the knock on the door bringing down this house of scandal. Try as them may the clock is ticking and their days in power are numbered. This time around their calls of "protecting marriage" and attemping to keep the American public in fear of terrorist are not going to be enough to hide the fact that the real agenda was simply to enrich themselves and their friends. With hands caught in the tax payers cookie jar and that deer in the headlights look on their faces, only the truly arrogant are even taking lobbyist money to pay for golf outings, trips overseas, or monies for their re-election campaiges. Just so they done start feeling to comfortable I thought I would do my part to keep their names in print. (Every little bit helps, right?)


(The print has been enlarged for neo-cons)

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Another Republican Tax

Dateline Ohio..........

The republicans who have occupied the seats of power in Columbus Ohio have carried out their attack on the working poor by raising the tax on cigarettes. This is not a debate on the health problems caused by smoking. It's just a fact that more people who smoke are not in the upper tax bracket. Knowing this the Ohio legislature put a 70 cent a pack tax on pre-rolled tobacco. Usually at this point the say that the new tax will help persuade people to quit. This time they didn't even give this lame excuse. My guess is that, since they had just announced they were not going to spend the rest of the money that they received in the landmark tobacco settlement on helping people quit, they might seem like the hippocrites that they are. The beer and wine industry was spared this "poor people tax" because of the lobbyist that they have handing out money at the statehouse. I can just see these fat cats slapping each other on the back and toasting their success with a good cigar and a glass of fine wine. Someday the people in this state will pull the wool off their eyes and send this band of thieves packing. SOMEDAY SOON.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Bring them home, Posted by Picasa

July 4, 2005

As we all get ready to burn some burgers and throw back a cold one while celebrating the day we won our independence from a tyrannical government, we should stop and say a prayer for the men and woman serving in the military today. That said, now lets bring them home.

This independence day should also be a time when we take a look at the people who have been given the charge to protect those liberties and freedoms. Freedoms that were won with the blood and bravery and sacrifice of servicemen who have come before us. It is my opinion that if our founding fathers were here today, the call to their fellow countrymen, would be sounded loud and clear. It would be a call to arms. A call for revolution!
Knowing that the system of government they set up has a way to deal with corrupt politicians, this call might not mean "grab your muskets boys" but instead get involved. Take back your government with the ballot. Do you really think any of these men who risk everything would have ever voted for the likes of a say, G.W. Bush? How would they have felt about Tom DeLay? The leader of the republicans in the House of Representives? Or a guy like Bill Frist in the Senate. A guy who is using fear to convince Christians that he should be the next president? Then there is Dick Cheney, with his underground government. A man who believes he can keep secret how policy is made in this country. The list of republicans goes on and on. Failed businessmen, shortsighted ideologists, greedy, power and money hungry elitist. Not a Patrick Henry in the group.

As has been reported, when Bush signed up for the National Guard he was asked if he would be willing to serve in Vietnam. He said NO! Not "give me liberty or give me death." It was probably more like give me a beer.