Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Another Republican Tax

Dateline Ohio..........

The republicans who have occupied the seats of power in Columbus Ohio have carried out their attack on the working poor by raising the tax on cigarettes. This is not a debate on the health problems caused by smoking. It's just a fact that more people who smoke are not in the upper tax bracket. Knowing this the Ohio legislature put a 70 cent a pack tax on pre-rolled tobacco. Usually at this point the say that the new tax will help persuade people to quit. This time they didn't even give this lame excuse. My guess is that, since they had just announced they were not going to spend the rest of the money that they received in the landmark tobacco settlement on helping people quit, they might seem like the hippocrites that they are. The beer and wine industry was spared this "poor people tax" because of the lobbyist that they have handing out money at the statehouse. I can just see these fat cats slapping each other on the back and toasting their success with a good cigar and a glass of fine wine. Someday the people in this state will pull the wool off their eyes and send this band of thieves packing. SOMEDAY SOON.


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