Friday, July 01, 2005

July 4, 2005

As we all get ready to burn some burgers and throw back a cold one while celebrating the day we won our independence from a tyrannical government, we should stop and say a prayer for the men and woman serving in the military today. That said, now lets bring them home.

This independence day should also be a time when we take a look at the people who have been given the charge to protect those liberties and freedoms. Freedoms that were won with the blood and bravery and sacrifice of servicemen who have come before us. It is my opinion that if our founding fathers were here today, the call to their fellow countrymen, would be sounded loud and clear. It would be a call to arms. A call for revolution!
Knowing that the system of government they set up has a way to deal with corrupt politicians, this call might not mean "grab your muskets boys" but instead get involved. Take back your government with the ballot. Do you really think any of these men who risk everything would have ever voted for the likes of a say, G.W. Bush? How would they have felt about Tom DeLay? The leader of the republicans in the House of Representives? Or a guy like Bill Frist in the Senate. A guy who is using fear to convince Christians that he should be the next president? Then there is Dick Cheney, with his underground government. A man who believes he can keep secret how policy is made in this country. The list of republicans goes on and on. Failed businessmen, shortsighted ideologists, greedy, power and money hungry elitist. Not a Patrick Henry in the group.

As has been reported, when Bush signed up for the National Guard he was asked if he would be willing to serve in Vietnam. He said NO! Not "give me liberty or give me death." It was probably more like give me a beer.


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