Saturday, July 16, 2005

Not about Rove, it's about War!

With Carl Rove trying to put that bulbous head in the sand, and the Nazis style propaganda machine doing it's best to change the subject, we must look at the result of what Rove's treasonous act caused. With the country not buying the Bush Administrations weak reasons for invading a sovereign state without provocation they went for the "Big Lie." This tried and true way of deceiving the people was carried out by the highest government officials in the land. That would be by the President and Vice President respectively. It was they who told the "Big Lie." Rove was just trying to make sure their lie kept some amount of credibility. And this ethically bankrupt political hack had no problem selling out the security of the United States. We will probably never know the real extent the damage of releasing a CIA agent's cover has caused but there is a price to be paid.


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