Friday, August 26, 2005

On Sept. 24 Bush will be ask to answer the question, "Are you with us or against us?" Posted by Picasa

Pat Robertson calls for Fatwah against Strange Bob

Faux news is reporting today that Pat Robertson has called for a Jihad against Strange Bob Square Pants.
Rev. Robertson is reported as saying "We have the Loony toons in the White House to take him out and I think we should do it." It seems that the rife between Square Pants and Robertson began when Bob released photos of Jerry Falwell and Betty Boop leaving a gay disco with Goofy. As faux news is fond of saying when they have no proof of a statement, "Some are saying Goofy could blow this thing wide open." Goofy could not be reached for comment but his spokesman said "Mr. Goofy has checked himself into treatment."

Betty Boop was spotted leaving the White House by the rear entrance. When ask for a comment she replied " I think they are all F#&king Goofy."

Monday, August 22, 2005

How many more?  Posted by Picasa

Bush backs Islamic State for Iraq

So what have we been fighting a war in Iraq for? Bush said in his latest reasons for the lost of 2000 brave American lives that it was to create "democracies" in the middle east. Well guess what, we are now backing a Islamic state for Iraq. The people who are rushing to write a new constitution for the country have been given the ok by the Bush cartel to make "Islamic Law" the foundation for all laws. This is sure to undermine equal rights for woman and minorities in the country. The war will have been fought to put a Taliban style government in place and bring back beheading, public flogging, and what ever else the "religious" leaders feel is the Islamic thing to do. Good job Bush! You and your neo-con masters have really made the world safer.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Hey Bush, set another place for dinner on Sept. 24, you will have some company stopping by! Posted by Picasa

And there off .... Their Rockers

With the momentum swinging to the left in public opinion the neo-nuts are getting ready to take the gloves off when it comes to Cindy Sheehan. They know that on Sept. 24 the rest of the country will see that this movement is not just a bunch of "far left fringe groups" calling for answers from President Bush but a majority of Americans. Bush has changed his reasons for the Iraqi war so many times that most people would really like to know why we're there. And all would like to know why we still haven't captured OBL. You remember him, don't you? The guy who carried out the attacks on Sept. 11?

In the last few days I have heard the White House propagandist call Ms. Sheehan a anti-Semitic, tool of the left, un-American, and who knows what else. They are calling her everything but what she is, a grieving mother who has lost her son in a war that never had to be fought.

On Sept. 24 Bush will have the chance to talk to Cindy Sheehan (and the rest of the country) to answer the question so many Americans would like to know. "Are you with us or against us?"

Saturday, August 20, 2005

One of many military Moms heading to Washington to ask Bush " Are you with us or against us? See you in Washington Sept.24. Posted by Picasa

Taking it to the Streets

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Maddogs guarding of the backyard, keeping it free of the dreaded bunnies, has payed off! Posted by Picasa

Harvest Time....For Big Oil

This summer with the nation focused on the Bushs' war for empire big oil has been playing its usual "Shell" game with the price of gas. They do it every summer but this year they saw the chance to take this game to new heights. Here's how it works; First you keep supplies manipulated so they are kept low. This is easy for them because the control the amount of oil that is refined. Second, you say that there are not enough refineries to keep up with demand. ( This is much cheaper than building refineries.) A finally you set the price as high as you think you can get away with.
This price is also usually just under what the think would cause all out armed revolution. Since buying up most of the independent gas stations their control is almost absolute. And their lust for money is proof.

Let's see how these companies are doing. (even with their trouble of getting enough product to sell)

These are rises in quarterly profits.

Royal Dutch Shell 34%

Exxon Mobil 35%

ConocoPhillips 51%

So there you have it. The best way to make money in this free economy is to make less of a product that everyone needs, and charge more for it.
With Washington in on the game it is up to us. There will be elections next year. If we hold these politicians, who are profiting from the game, accountable and send them back to the boardrooms of the oil companies from which they came, we might stand a chance of shutting down " the game."

Sunday, August 14, 2005

And we will never forget the Bush Mafia's Lies Posted by Picasa

Bill O'Reilly attacks grieving Mother's

On the "Slow spin Zone" show the other night Bill O'Reilly kept up his attacks on grieving parents who have lost a child in Bush's' quest for empire, the Iraqi war. This fake news hack seems to have no compassion for the people who have given their loved ones to a cause that at best is questionable. If the mothers and fathers of these brave heroes have a difference of opinion with his neo-con masters O'Reilly belittles and degrades them in front of millions of people every chance he gets. When his twisted logic fails to get the response he is looking for he uses the "Rush" attack. Use the word's Clinton or Moore. This seems to send his fundamentally flawed audience into rapture and keeps those cards and dollars pouring in.

Faux News (or as I like to call it the GOP propaganda machine) is shamelessly allowing this nightly smear of American patriots in the name of the almighty dollar and O'Reilly has the same goal. He has sold his name on everything from coffee mugs to children's books. The more he panders to the victims of a failed public school system, the more money they both collect.

This immoral act of making money by using the grief of a parent who has lost their most precious possession (and a hero to what I hope would be all Americans) is a crime.

Of course, after phone sex what else is Bill good at?

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Always on guard, keeping the yard free of bunnies! Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 12, 2005

Bush, Gas, and Something Stinks

Just days after the "Oil President" signed a tax give away to the oil industry, the oil companies have shown their thanks by sticking it to the American people. The price of gas has shot through the roof across the country. At this point in the past, when the oil companies tried to extort the public by raising the price of gas to unheard of heights, the federal government stepped in and released some of the fuel reserves. Not Bush. To him this is just bushiness as usual. These outrageous prices are not only affecting commuters but the trucking industry has to be ready to collapse.

So where are the truckers? Why are they not all heading to Washington D.C.? Why are they not trying so shut down the interstate?

And where is the American public? Is it not time for all of us to say " that's enough." Are we going to wait until the price of the foods we eat are so costly, because of the price that truckers have to charge to get them to market, that we will not be able to eat.

Is everyone afraid that to complain will bring the black helicopters and charges under the "Patriot Act?"

Something stinks and it's coming from the White House.