Sunday, August 21, 2005

And there off .... Their Rockers

With the momentum swinging to the left in public opinion the neo-nuts are getting ready to take the gloves off when it comes to Cindy Sheehan. They know that on Sept. 24 the rest of the country will see that this movement is not just a bunch of "far left fringe groups" calling for answers from President Bush but a majority of Americans. Bush has changed his reasons for the Iraqi war so many times that most people would really like to know why we're there. And all would like to know why we still haven't captured OBL. You remember him, don't you? The guy who carried out the attacks on Sept. 11?

In the last few days I have heard the White House propagandist call Ms. Sheehan a anti-Semitic, tool of the left, un-American, and who knows what else. They are calling her everything but what she is, a grieving mother who has lost her son in a war that never had to be fought.

On Sept. 24 Bush will have the chance to talk to Cindy Sheehan (and the rest of the country) to answer the question so many Americans would like to know. "Are you with us or against us?"


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