Sunday, August 14, 2005

Bill O'Reilly attacks grieving Mother's

On the "Slow spin Zone" show the other night Bill O'Reilly kept up his attacks on grieving parents who have lost a child in Bush's' quest for empire, the Iraqi war. This fake news hack seems to have no compassion for the people who have given their loved ones to a cause that at best is questionable. If the mothers and fathers of these brave heroes have a difference of opinion with his neo-con masters O'Reilly belittles and degrades them in front of millions of people every chance he gets. When his twisted logic fails to get the response he is looking for he uses the "Rush" attack. Use the word's Clinton or Moore. This seems to send his fundamentally flawed audience into rapture and keeps those cards and dollars pouring in.

Faux News (or as I like to call it the GOP propaganda machine) is shamelessly allowing this nightly smear of American patriots in the name of the almighty dollar and O'Reilly has the same goal. He has sold his name on everything from coffee mugs to children's books. The more he panders to the victims of a failed public school system, the more money they both collect.

This immoral act of making money by using the grief of a parent who has lost their most precious possession (and a hero to what I hope would be all Americans) is a crime.

Of course, after phone sex what else is Bill good at?


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