Friday, August 12, 2005

Bush, Gas, and Something Stinks

Just days after the "Oil President" signed a tax give away to the oil industry, the oil companies have shown their thanks by sticking it to the American people. The price of gas has shot through the roof across the country. At this point in the past, when the oil companies tried to extort the public by raising the price of gas to unheard of heights, the federal government stepped in and released some of the fuel reserves. Not Bush. To him this is just bushiness as usual. These outrageous prices are not only affecting commuters but the trucking industry has to be ready to collapse.

So where are the truckers? Why are they not all heading to Washington D.C.? Why are they not trying so shut down the interstate?

And where is the American public? Is it not time for all of us to say " that's enough." Are we going to wait until the price of the foods we eat are so costly, because of the price that truckers have to charge to get them to market, that we will not be able to eat.

Is everyone afraid that to complain will bring the black helicopters and charges under the "Patriot Act?"

Something stinks and it's coming from the White House.


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