Friday, August 26, 2005

Pat Robertson calls for Fatwah against Strange Bob

Faux news is reporting today that Pat Robertson has called for a Jihad against Strange Bob Square Pants.
Rev. Robertson is reported as saying "We have the Loony toons in the White House to take him out and I think we should do it." It seems that the rife between Square Pants and Robertson began when Bob released photos of Jerry Falwell and Betty Boop leaving a gay disco with Goofy. As faux news is fond of saying when they have no proof of a statement, "Some are saying Goofy could blow this thing wide open." Goofy could not be reached for comment but his spokesman said "Mr. Goofy has checked himself into treatment."

Betty Boop was spotted leaving the White House by the rear entrance. When ask for a comment she replied " I think they are all F#&king Goofy."


Anonymous Mattie said...

This is just too cool man!!!!!

August 31, 2005  

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