Thursday, September 29, 2005

Amy Goodman of the TV show "Democracy Now." Special thanks to "Operation Ceasefire" for the media pass. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The "Peoples' House" was empty on Sept.24. but its 200 thousand landlords came to evict the fraud who is living there now. Posted by Picasa

The message came though load and clear. Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 26, 2005

Although this was a time to show Americans outrage at the Bush Cartels quest for oil and empire, some choose to say it with humor. Posted by Picasa

Early arrivals from around the country. Posted by Picasa

More on Sept. 24, Washington Posted by Picasa

"We The People" Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Dateline....Washington D.C.

With George Bush looking for a thunder storm in Colorado hundreds of thousands of true American Patriots decsended on the nations capital. We had all come here for the same reason.
We wanted to know what the "Noble Cause" our sons and daughters are dying for.
Bush was not at home.

More reports to follow.

Friday, September 23, 2005

"Are you with us...or against us?"

We are on our way to the capital of the greatest country in the world to ask the President " Are you with us or against us?" To many people have been killed or maimed in Bushcos quest for oil and empire and the time has come for all of us who truly love this country to let the powers that be know we are not going to stand by and let one more mothers son or daughter fight and die for his so called ( and as yet undefined ) "noble cause."

See you there!

Monday, September 19, 2005

The real American patriots will be heading to Washington DC on Sept. 24. Where will you be? Posted by Picasa

Republicans want fiscal oversite...At last.

After years of allowing the Bush administration to pad the pockets of corporations in Iraq the neo-con controlled republicans in congress have been calling for oversite of the money being spent in New Orleans. With Bush promising to come up with $200 billion dollars to rebuild the city and continue to keep redistibuting the wealth of the country to 1% of the population, conservatives are showing their concern. The president says he can pay for the whole thing by cutting spending but Tom DeLay says that after 11 years of republican control there is no fat left to cut. Others in the party have suggested they could take the money from programs that serve the poor, elderly, and children. They say that by "delaying" the prescription drug benefit they could save $40 billion. This is savings projected over five years. It doesn't seem to matter to these politicians that these Medicare benefits serve a part of the population that is desperate to get relief from out of control drug prices. Something the same republican controlled congress has allowed to go unchecked. Infact they have raised the cost these citizens have to pay for these life saving drugs. Whenever there is a need for sacrifice, do the republicans roll up their sleeves and offer their blood to help? Not the party of privilege. To solve one disaster the best they can come up with is to create another one.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

On Sept. 24 Washington DC is going to show the Nation what real "Patriots" feel about Bushco and its war in Iraq. The times really are "a change in' ." Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 10, 2005

"No Bush, we said send funds not guns." Posted by Picasa

What has Brown done for you Lately...or Ever?

FEMA director Mike Brown is not only a political hack but he is also a liar. With New Orleans just now getting its head above water and the federal government finally making progress with relief efforts, Bush has his scape goat tied to the sacrificial post. The post that Bush himself appointed Mike Brown to oversee.

And what a goat. It seems that not only did "Brownie" have no credentials for the job but he has no creditials for any public service job. With his resume raising more questions about its inaccuracies and his recently being " moved to other duties" one has to wonder why he was not put through a more detailed vetting process before Bush gave him the job? If this administration can't keep an unqualified political yes man from fudging his resume how can the American public have faith that Bush can in any way keep unknown terrorist from entering the country and creating a nightmare of unheard of proportions?

The White House propaganda machines best response has been to say that the time is not now for finger pointing and then pointing their fingers at the Governor (of LA.) and the Mayor of New Orleans. There might be plenty of blame to go around but that does not preclude the fact that the federal response bordered on criminal. People died because the President put a man in charge of FEMA who was not qualified to be dog catcher.

As a lawyer who Mike Brown once worked for said "He was a nice guy but he seemed kind of shallow." And maybe that was what Bush was thinking when he hired him. You know, putting a shallow guy in charge of flooding just might work.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

"With all the funding cuts for flood relief in the New Orleans area, this could be a problem George." Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

How do you start a flood?

With people dying in New Orleans more than a week after one of the biggest storms to hit the Gulf area ever people are asking where was the federal government. Why was FEMA's response so slow and disorganized? Well you need to look no farther than the White House and the republican party. With the worst record in history for protecting the people of this country, the Bush cartel will be quick to blame everyone but themselves.

Make no mistake, with one party rule in America the republicans in congress and the White House have set out to weaken or destroy anything that corporate America can not make a profit on. They reward their political cronies with important posts instead of putting qualified people in some of what should be the "First line of defense."

That brings us to FEMA.
When Bushco first came into power they brushed aside a well qualified administrator and in his place who does Bush appoint to this most important job? His chief of staff when he was Gov. Of Texas. Joe Allbaugh had no training in the field and was simply being rewarded for being a good yes man to the now President Bush.
And who does Joe Allbaugh bring in as his right hand man? His college roommate Mike Brown. Yep the same p0litical hack who botched the job in New Orleans. (Brown gave up his post as head of the Arabian Horse Association)
And where do you think Joe Allbaugh went when he left FEMA in Mike Browns unexperienced hands?
And what do you think he was hired to do for the worst war profiteers in history?
He was hired to tell them how to make money on disasters like 911 and New Orleans.

This trend of putting party loyalist in important positions is not new. But, as the Bush propaganda machine likes to say, "In a post 911 world" you would think these guys would have enough sense to give really important jobs to someone who could actually perform.

The thousands of needless deaths that were caused by this "political hackery" must receive justice.
The buck stops at Bush's desk.