Monday, September 19, 2005

Republicans want fiscal oversite...At last.

After years of allowing the Bush administration to pad the pockets of corporations in Iraq the neo-con controlled republicans in congress have been calling for oversite of the money being spent in New Orleans. With Bush promising to come up with $200 billion dollars to rebuild the city and continue to keep redistibuting the wealth of the country to 1% of the population, conservatives are showing their concern. The president says he can pay for the whole thing by cutting spending but Tom DeLay says that after 11 years of republican control there is no fat left to cut. Others in the party have suggested they could take the money from programs that serve the poor, elderly, and children. They say that by "delaying" the prescription drug benefit they could save $40 billion. This is savings projected over five years. It doesn't seem to matter to these politicians that these Medicare benefits serve a part of the population that is desperate to get relief from out of control drug prices. Something the same republican controlled congress has allowed to go unchecked. Infact they have raised the cost these citizens have to pay for these life saving drugs. Whenever there is a need for sacrifice, do the republicans roll up their sleeves and offer their blood to help? Not the party of privilege. To solve one disaster the best they can come up with is to create another one.


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