Saturday, September 10, 2005

What has Brown done for you Lately...or Ever?

FEMA director Mike Brown is not only a political hack but he is also a liar. With New Orleans just now getting its head above water and the federal government finally making progress with relief efforts, Bush has his scape goat tied to the sacrificial post. The post that Bush himself appointed Mike Brown to oversee.

And what a goat. It seems that not only did "Brownie" have no credentials for the job but he has no creditials for any public service job. With his resume raising more questions about its inaccuracies and his recently being " moved to other duties" one has to wonder why he was not put through a more detailed vetting process before Bush gave him the job? If this administration can't keep an unqualified political yes man from fudging his resume how can the American public have faith that Bush can in any way keep unknown terrorist from entering the country and creating a nightmare of unheard of proportions?

The White House propaganda machines best response has been to say that the time is not now for finger pointing and then pointing their fingers at the Governor (of LA.) and the Mayor of New Orleans. There might be plenty of blame to go around but that does not preclude the fact that the federal response bordered on criminal. People died because the President put a man in charge of FEMA who was not qualified to be dog catcher.

As a lawyer who Mike Brown once worked for said "He was a nice guy but he seemed kind of shallow." And maybe that was what Bush was thinking when he hired him. You know, putting a shallow guy in charge of flooding just might work.


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