Thursday, October 13, 2005

Are they all crooks?

As Karl Rove gets ready to testify before the grand jury in Washington DC the question comes to mind " Are all neo-con republicans corrupt?" Personally, I think not. However I do think that the people at the top have created an atmosphere that has allowed a lowering of a " Code of Conduct " to a level not seen in the country since the Hoover administration. This taking things to the legal and ethical edge of the cliff is not just prevalent in the nations' capital. It just looks that way. With Tom "The Slammer" DeLay and Bill "Cat Killer" Frist both facing criminal charges you would think the rest of the Representatives in congress and the Senate would be watching their "P's" and "Q's". Not the chosen party. The party that came to power claiming to be the ones to clean up corruption in government when in all reality they were just positioning themselves to be the next ones at the public trough.

Proof of this can be found in the once great state of Ohio. With the Governor of Ohio being a convicted criminal (who has the lowest approval ratings in Ohio history, 15%) and Coingate claiming more and more republicans everyday this "culture of corruption" should be clear to all but the most brain dead neo-con's anywhere. Tom Noe is Ohio's Tom DeLay. Raising corporate money and spreading it around to his republican friends he was rewarded with lucrative contracts to manage over 50 million dollars of tax payer money. He quickly stole at least 13 million of those dollars. Now it seems no one in the state capital can ever remember knowing him at all. Even Gov. Bob Taft says he barely knows who Noe is. And this is after being convicted of receiving free perks from Mr. Noe.

If there ever was a good case for using the R.I.C.O. Act to punish corrupt politicians, that time is now.


Karl Rove is set to appear before the Grand Jury in Washington today and there are two questions that must be asked;
What did the President know and when did he know it?
Good luck on getting a straight answer on that one.


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