Tuesday, October 18, 2005

It's Still About War...Not Rove.

On July 16 I wrote a post about what was going on with Karl Rove and the outing of a CIA agent. In it I brought up how the real crime was that the White House was using lies to convince the American people to attack another country that had not and could not attack us. Today we are finding out that there were many more administration officials involved in this crime. Rove, Libby, and Cheney are just the beginning of what will turn out to be the unraveling of the most corrupt and unethical group of lunatic thieves ever to sit in the seats of power in Washington. This has always been about oil and making money for a few well connected elite.
All of these crooks should go to jail but so should their leader. Bush should be the first.

To read the original post go to my archives for July and read "Its not about Rove....Its about War!"


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October 18, 2005  

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