Friday, October 21, 2005

Kucinich Ask For "WHIG" Papers

On the floor of the US House of representatives Congressman Dennis Kucinich today ask the White House for all relevant papers on the group formed to sell the Iraqi war to the American People. "WHIG" is made up of Card, Libby, Rove, and others who were given the job of spreading propaganda and outright lies to promote a needless war that has cost the American people the lives of 2000 Americans. The request will now go to committee where it will ultimately die. Thanks to Congressman Kucinich it will at least be on the congressional record.

Kucinich is one of the few in the halls of power who has stood up to the Bush Cartel from the beginning of their reign of terror. He shamelessly called Bush a liar when Bush made his case for war with Iraq that was proven to be a pack of lies. The American people will have a chance to support this brave politician when he runs for President in 2008. Hopefully they will see though the media smear that will surely try to discredit the Congressman who stands for;
Single payer healthcare.
College for every American payed for with government grants.
A Department of Peace.

LEARN MORE about Dennis Kucinich by going to the congressional website.
After all 50% of the people on Mai voted for him.


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October 21, 2005  

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