Saturday, October 29, 2005

Libby and DeLay to be Cell-Mates

Now that "Scooter" Libby has been indicted on five felony counts in the case of outing Joe Wilson's wife the question must be asked " Why did he do it and what is he hiding." The first seems simple enough. He was trying to stop any critical information from getting a foot hold in the media and the collective mind of the American public. The second is much more complicated. Everyone can assume his first goal is to protect his immediate superiors, Cheney, Rove, and the President of the United States George W. Bush. There should be no doubt that these are the people who conspired to deceive the Congress and the American public into invading a sovereign country without provocation. The first "war of choice" in the history of this country. These savvy politicians are not dumb but they are human. Mistakes will have been made and if Libby was to tell the truth to the Grand Jury their criminal caper would be unveiled. But could there be another reason for Mr. Libby to contradict his own notes that were already in the hands of the Special prosecutor?


That reason was to put a stop to any investigation into the question of who is responsible for the fake Niger documents. These were the papers with a stolen seal of the Nigerian government. Supposedly signed by Nigerian politicians who had not been in office for years. The documents where so poorly forged that you wouldn't be able to get a fishing license in this country with them. And yet the Bush Administration used these documents to send Americas young men and women to war. " Iraq was trying to get yellowcake uranium from Africa" was their lie to the American people.

Following the trail of these documents will lead right back to the oval office. And Libby knows this. He knows it because he was deeply involved in the whole scam. The ex-CIA officers who brought these documents to the attention
of the Italian government knew Libby personally. They had worked for Neo-Con causes in the past and had ties to Iraqi exiles who were pressing the Bush administration to attack Iraq so that they could put themselves back in power.

The only question left to answer is "Will the truth ever be told" or will Libby be willing to fall on the sword. Facing 30 years in prison, over a million dollar fine, and a Washington DC jury should give him pause. If he is counting on a presidential pardon maybe, may be not. Would you trust a group of thieves that were willing to do anything to promote their quest for oil and empire?

Move over Tom DeLay, here comes your new cell- mate.


Anonymous Jack Ballinger said...

I'm guessing Fitzgerald has more than one other shoe to drop.
As someone who once worked in military intelligence, and signed the documents that are required before you're legally allowed to handle confidential documents (and they're ALL confidential, with Secret, Top Secret and other designators being added attractions to a "confidential" document), I still find it intriguing that the words "Need to Know" are not being bandied about.
One of the things they stress most is that no matter the clearance someone else has, it is illegal to share any confidential info with someone unless s/he has a "need to know."
Cheney, Libby, Rove . . . Hell, even Bush, could provide no reason that they'd "Need to Know" Valerie Plame/Wilson's identity . . . UNLESS they were going to be present when she was chatting up someone buying/selling/making/using WMD.
Now I realize that some of us far-lefties are still curious as to where the mysterious anthrax came from that shut down Senate offices, NBC and scared the beJesus out of enough citizens to allow the passage of the Patriot Act, but even I doubt that Ms. Wilson/Plame would have been at the anthrax buy along with members of the White House Iraqm Group (WHIG).

So, I think we have no Fitzmas, but as Al Franken put it, a Fitznukkah. A holiday spread over many days, wherein you may see more appearances of Fitz or his press aide.

October 30, 2005  

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