Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Like White on Rice

With Rove, Libby, and Cheney sweating lies, the focus of the special prosecutor should be to set his sites on others in the group formed to lure the American public into their quest for oil and empire. On the top of that list has to now be Sec. Of State Connie Rice. After all, how many times did we see this small minded token on the Sunday talk shows spreading Bushco's propaganda about WMD's. Not only was she the point man in their push for war but it is my guess she was one of the main criminals who thought up this caper. The damage she has personally done to the image of the black female is only over shadowed by the damage she has done to the country. She was trusted with advising the President on a wide number of things when Bush was first appointed to office and one of the first was the terrorist threat from a group called "Al Queda." A group she was not even aware of. And, as we have all become aware of, just another incompetent Bush lackey. When told that she was to keep an eye on this group of terrorist her only reply was a quote from "The Little Rascals"......"O' Ta."


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