Friday, October 28, 2005

Venezuela to subsidize Heating oil for Poor.....In America!

The Venezuelan government announced today a plan to help the poor of Chicago by subsidizing the cost of heating oil. Has it really come the the point when our great country has to have a third world government come to the aid of the poor in America? The Republican administration, in Washington, should hang its head in shame. The Bush Cartel and their corporate oil allies have raped the American people with the highest oil prices in history. ( A 40% rise in profits this quarter) They also have disenfranchised the ones who need their help the most. The young, the poor, and the elderly. At this very moment the Republicans in congress are trying to cut funding for medical care to the elderly. At the same time that they try to give more tax cuts to the super rich. Have we really allowed this corrupt party to bring this country to the point where a socialist government shows more concern for the needy than its own politicians? Amazing!

On Nov. 9 there will be an election in Ohio. This will be a chance to tell the Bush Administration and the rest of the republican party that we are not going to take it any more. "As Ohio goes, so goes the Nation" is an old saying in political circles. Lets show the country which way "we the people" want our great country to go.

(That's 2, 3, 4, and 5 to the neo-nuts out there)


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October 28, 2005  
Anonymous Western Celt said...

That is one superior posting. Your illustrious leader had made me forget that there may actually be rational Americans left. I'm sorry for that. You have a great country. Keep it that way.

October 28, 2005  

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