Wednesday, November 23, 2005

"Turkey Refuses Pardon"

Tom A. Turkey was brought before the President of the United States today and offered a Pardon....He refused. In a statement released by his publicists Tom was quoted as saying "Pilot will not cleanse his hands in my name. To many have died for this mans lies." Bush then ordered Mr. Turkey turned over to the CIA. He has been flown to an undisclosed third world country and declared an enemy combatant. A web-site has been setup to support Tom in his fight for justice. hppt:// As we sit down to our Thanksgiving dinner, giving thanks for the likes of Tom Turkey, remember the troops and give thanks for their service and sacrifice.


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A Real "Piece O' Schmidt"

In her first 100 days in congress Jean Schmidt has garnered the nick-name "Mean Jean" from her republican fellows on the hill. The American people have another name for her, Jeam "Piece O' Schmidt." Doing her best impression of the wicked witch in the wizard of Oz she crawled out of her spider hole long enough to embarrass herself, her state, her party and the country. Winning a special election in a heavily Republican district (by the smallest of margins) over Iraqi war hero Paul Hackett she has carried out her duties as a rubber stamp without fail.

All of this changed on Friday (Nov. 18, 2005) on the floor of the House of representatives in Washington DC. Being angered by the loss of one of the Military's strongest supporters, John Murtha, in the war on Iraq, the Republicans went into attack mode and sent the least among them to do their dirty work.

Enter Jean Schmidt.

"Piece O' Schmidt" took the floor and basically called fellow Congressman John Murtha a coward. Now this would have been outrageous to call anyone who had served in the military a coward but to call a man who served for over 30 years as a Marine shows what the Republicans really think of our men and woman in uniform. Murtha served in two wars, was wounded twice and received the medals to prove his bravery. Ms. Schmidt once ate three sausages to prove hers. This would have been great theater if it had only been fiction but unlike pre-war intelligence it was all to real.

"Piece O' Schmidt" will not likely be in front of the C-Span cameras in the near future. She will most assuredly be escorted back to her spider hole to deep throat some more of those Cincinnati sausages until the Republicans need another stooge to attack another hero.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

"The Dixie Prix"

When the "Dixie Chicks" were in London for a concert before the last Presidential election they announced from the stage that they were ashamed to be from the same state as President Bush. For criticizing the president they were hounded off country radio and denounced by neo-nuts and republican politicians alike. Their complaint was not what they said but from where they said it. It seems that what was seen as an attack on the president from a foreign country was close to an act of treason.
Now as we see the President of the United States attacking the democrat's from not one foreign country but numerous countries, where is the outrage? And where are all the talking heads and radio pundits with their false indignation? Where are the Congressman, who represent more cows than people, with their outrage at a public official making unpatriotic attacks on a part of the US government? Not one of them have called the President on the carpet for being unpatriotic. No one has refused to air the Presidents treasonous statements from foreign soil.
We are at war and we can debate that war between ourselves (and should) but is it right for anyone to take that debate thousands of miles from home and air our dirty laundry in front of a foreign audience?

Thursday, November 10, 2005

From inside the White House we hear; Dick Cheney says "George, our good buddy Chalabi is back in town and wants someone to do a press conference with him." George says "Get me a drink. I'm not doing it. That bastard used us like a cheap whore." Laura says "George, It's either Jim Beam or me." Posted by Picasa

Chalabi Arrested....Not in Bazaaro World

If this country was being run by a government that adhered to the rule of law the man who used the United States to put himself back in power would be bunking with his good friends in a federal prison. Showering with Libby, dancing with DeLay, and getting frisky with Frist.

Not in Bazaaro World.

Ahmed Chalabi is back in town baby. And he's back as the Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq. This is same man who used the the United States government to attack his homeland. Forget that he lied to anyone who would listen to him about WMD's. That he is being investigated by the FBI for spying for Iran. Oh yea, then there is that pesky problem of being convicted and sentenced for stealing $360 million from a bank in Jordan. What the hell, he's Bush's man in Iraq.

After being paid $340,000.00 a month, by the US, to provide false intelligence that the Bush administration used to "sell" the congress and American public on attacking a small time tyrant with big time oil reserves he is welcomed back to Washington for meetings with co-conspirators ;

Condoleezza Rice - Sec. Of State

Donald Rumsfeld- Sec. Of Defense

The office of the Vice President ( code for Dick Cheney)

The Jim Beam must be flowing in Washington tonight. The man who made it all possible is being wined and dined all around town. The interesting thing is that there have been no press conferences and not one photo opt.
Is everyone afraid to get their picture taken with this convicted criminal?
And to those who would say "What crime has he committed here?" We should find that out and would if we had a congress that was interested in protecting the American people.
What we do know is that we have an extradition treaty with Jordan. Chalabi is wanted by the Jordanian government.
In America we honor our treaties. In Bazaaro World we don't.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


NOVEMBER 8, 2005 could be the day that changes the direction of politics in the state of Ohio and the country. "As Ohio goes, so goes the country" is an old saying and is usually found to be true. With the last presidential election being decided by the Sec. Of State (in Ohio) manipulating and committing outright fraud against the voters of Ohio we were given George W. Bush for 4 war years. Now Ohio has Issues 2, 3, 4, and 5 on the ballet. A YES vote on these amendments will change the way politicians run our voting system. It will take away their ability to decide who will be elected and give the "people" a real choice of candidates to pick from. No more will politicians like Ken Blackwell be allowed to steal elections. It will be easier for all people to vote. Voting districts will no longer be "selected" by politicians. They will no longer be able to pick their voters but voters will be able to pick their politicians.

Republicans in Ohio are only 17% of the voters. It will not take a lot to take back our state.
Call your family and friends and tell them to take a few minutes and vote.
Today is your chance to change the state, the country and the world.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Is that a set of " Balls" I see?

Today the democrat's seem to have reached puberty. At least I think I saw a set of something dangling from underneath their skirts. After spending five years being "Republican Lite" and loosing the faith of real democrats in this country they took the bull by the horns. Invoking senate rule number 21 they put the senate in closed session and demanded to know when the intelligence committee would finally finish phase 2 of their investigation about how Bush and company took our country to war. After waiting over a year the chairman was asked why this part of the investigation was being staled. Were the Republicans trying to protect the White House? Did they use so called facts that they know were dubious? Did Bush, Cheney, Rice and Powell knowingly lie to the congress and the American people?

And what was the reply of the Senate majority?
Stunned indignation." A slap in the face." " Stopping Americas business. "
Everything but standing up for Americans.

There are 3 separate parts to our government and if one part lies to the other everyone should be outraged.
Not so with the current group of Republicans in Washington today. They are either in on the sham or to blinded and afraid to risk losing monies for their re-election campaigns.

Thanks go out to Senator Reid and the others for restoring faith in government.
Looks like you guys are about to go through a voice change and may be start shaving too.

The fight for this house starts on Nov. 8 in the state of Ohio. We will be sending a message to the extremist on the far right by voting to reform the way we elect the people who represent us. Vote YES on Issues 2,3,4,and 5 Posted by Picasa