Thursday, November 10, 2005

Chalabi Arrested....Not in Bazaaro World

If this country was being run by a government that adhered to the rule of law the man who used the United States to put himself back in power would be bunking with his good friends in a federal prison. Showering with Libby, dancing with DeLay, and getting frisky with Frist.

Not in Bazaaro World.

Ahmed Chalabi is back in town baby. And he's back as the Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq. This is same man who used the the United States government to attack his homeland. Forget that he lied to anyone who would listen to him about WMD's. That he is being investigated by the FBI for spying for Iran. Oh yea, then there is that pesky problem of being convicted and sentenced for stealing $360 million from a bank in Jordan. What the hell, he's Bush's man in Iraq.

After being paid $340,000.00 a month, by the US, to provide false intelligence that the Bush administration used to "sell" the congress and American public on attacking a small time tyrant with big time oil reserves he is welcomed back to Washington for meetings with co-conspirators ;

Condoleezza Rice - Sec. Of State

Donald Rumsfeld- Sec. Of Defense

The office of the Vice President ( code for Dick Cheney)

The Jim Beam must be flowing in Washington tonight. The man who made it all possible is being wined and dined all around town. The interesting thing is that there have been no press conferences and not one photo opt.
Is everyone afraid to get their picture taken with this convicted criminal?
And to those who would say "What crime has he committed here?" We should find that out and would if we had a congress that was interested in protecting the American people.
What we do know is that we have an extradition treaty with Jordan. Chalabi is wanted by the Jordanian government.
In America we honor our treaties. In Bazaaro World we don't.


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