Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A Real "Piece O' Schmidt"

In her first 100 days in congress Jean Schmidt has garnered the nick-name "Mean Jean" from her republican fellows on the hill. The American people have another name for her, Jeam "Piece O' Schmidt." Doing her best impression of the wicked witch in the wizard of Oz she crawled out of her spider hole long enough to embarrass herself, her state, her party and the country. Winning a special election in a heavily Republican district (by the smallest of margins) over Iraqi war hero Paul Hackett she has carried out her duties as a rubber stamp without fail.

All of this changed on Friday (Nov. 18, 2005) on the floor of the House of representatives in Washington DC. Being angered by the loss of one of the Military's strongest supporters, John Murtha, in the war on Iraq, the Republicans went into attack mode and sent the least among them to do their dirty work.

Enter Jean Schmidt.

"Piece O' Schmidt" took the floor and basically called fellow Congressman John Murtha a coward. Now this would have been outrageous to call anyone who had served in the military a coward but to call a man who served for over 30 years as a Marine shows what the Republicans really think of our men and woman in uniform. Murtha served in two wars, was wounded twice and received the medals to prove his bravery. Ms. Schmidt once ate three sausages to prove hers. This would have been great theater if it had only been fiction but unlike pre-war intelligence it was all to real.

"Piece O' Schmidt" will not likely be in front of the C-Span cameras in the near future. She will most assuredly be escorted back to her spider hole to deep throat some more of those Cincinnati sausages until the Republicans need another stooge to attack another hero.


Blogger enigma4ever said...

great post...and yes, she is despicable...an embarrassment...but she was sacrificed- you know by now that she was set up , that the "Colonel" is horrified that she says she Quoted him ?! .....Her Right to life Nascar Legacy is only going to give her a few more monthes of life....and she will be sent home on her broom in 06....Again on behalf of Normal people in Ohio I apologize about the Witch...

November 22, 2005  

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