Tuesday, November 08, 2005


NOVEMBER 8, 2005 could be the day that changes the direction of politics in the state of Ohio and the country. "As Ohio goes, so goes the country" is an old saying and is usually found to be true. With the last presidential election being decided by the Sec. Of State (in Ohio) manipulating and committing outright fraud against the voters of Ohio we were given George W. Bush for 4 war years. Now Ohio has Issues 2, 3, 4, and 5 on the ballet. A YES vote on these amendments will change the way politicians run our voting system. It will take away their ability to decide who will be elected and give the "people" a real choice of candidates to pick from. No more will politicians like Ken Blackwell be allowed to steal elections. It will be easier for all people to vote. Voting districts will no longer be "selected" by politicians. They will no longer be able to pick their voters but voters will be able to pick their politicians.

Republicans in Ohio are only 17% of the voters. It will not take a lot to take back our state.
Call your family and friends and tell them to take a few minutes and vote.
Today is your chance to change the state, the country and the world.


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