Thursday, January 19, 2006

GOP Believes "Greed is a Virtue"

With all the Republicans in Washington shaking in the Gucci loafers the truth can finally be told. Their belief that "Greed is a virtue" is as obvious as the last payoff they received from Jack Abramoff. In the 1800's the "Monied Tycoons" had a saying that the Republicans also still hold to, "In horses and men, it's in the blood". In other words breeding is more important than intelligence. How else can they explain the current leader of their party, George W. Bush. The Bush Mafia has set an example for the rest of the Republican party to follow with their looting of the treasury, war profiteering, and raping of the environment. And its "Capos" in congress have been busy imitating its leaders. Padding their pockets and the pockets of family and friends seemed like the natural thing to do. Allowing corporations to export American jobs while leaving the middle class to "Wither and die on the vine" doesn't seem to have bothered these morally corrupt thieves in the least.

We, as Americans, must take back our government from what has to be the most corrupt group of politicians this country has ever seen. And we must do it before any more harm has been done.
Although the Republican party has even tried to corrupt the voting system we can still defeat their system of fascist democracy. We must overwhelm the polls on election day. There has to be such a high turnout of voters that even the "unaccountable electronic voting machines" won't be able to hide real results of the true feelings of the country.
We must all get involved in these up coming elections. Talk to our friends, write our elected officials and the newspapers and work for change. It's not to late but time is running out.


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awesome...Gucci nailed it ...
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January 19, 2006  

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