Sunday, January 08, 2006


The "Little Cockroach Killer from Texas" is going down in his pit of lies and corruption like the true man of principal he is....He is sinking silently. Giving up his fight to keep the House majority leader post " For the good of the Republican Party and the American People". If he only knew how right he was! The country and the House will benefit from his demise in many ways. None of which he would admit to, but many he will be convicted of. Tom "The Slammer" DeLay is laying the ground work to cut a deal of his own with prosecutors. When Abramoff is done rolling over on half of the Republicans in congress the man who led the pay to play scheme, the man who decided who would receive the spoils of this scam will turn out to be Tom DeLay. The Congress is going to have to start spending money to build a few new federal prisons to house all the Republicans that are going to be convicted of wrong doing and getting your name on a federal building is a time honored tradition. Tell me what do you think of this one......Tom DeLay Federal Correction Facility.


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