Saturday, April 29, 2006


With "Faux News" coming out of the closet and receiving a seat at the White House table the Bush regime has tapped Tony Snow as the head of propaganda. Realizing that their lies are getting harder and harder to sell to the American public they have brought in a man with a proven track record of deceit and dishonest news reporting. He should fit right in with these men who say that they "create reality" for dissemination to the country. They seem to think that putting a pretty face in front of the cameras will do more than changing course from their record of failed policy. Policy that has failed at every curve in the road. This may work with the 30% of those who still say that the President is doing an excellent job in running the country. They also believe that the world is flat, 5000 years old, and about to end. They are only right on one count, the world of the neo-con republicans is about to end. It's demise will not be brought about because of the current batch of democrats in Washington but by their own doing. Greed and the notion that they can force their beliefs on the rest of the nation ( or at least fool the nation) has been doomed from the start. Re-tooling the propaganda machine is much to little, way to late. Even Hitler knew when it was time to bite the bullet. So get out your snow shovels and muck rakes, It' time for the Fox produced "Tony Snow Show".
" First question..... Yes, Helen Thomas".
"No comment"
"Would anyone from Fox News like to ask one of those fair and balanced questions that the White House has provided to you this morning".

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


After pimping for the oil industry for the last 5 years George Bush says that we should investigate whether they are deliberately manipulating the supply of gas to the American consumer. I have an easier way of finding this out.
All he has to do is call up Dick Cheney and ask him. Then tell him to release the names and minutes of the oil industry CEO's that wrote the energy bill while meeting with the vice president. This should take about 5 minutes even for Washington.

The sad truth is that Bush already knows what is going on with gas prices, he and his family are in on the scheme and are making billions fleecing the country.

As for the Republican leadership on this issue, here is the best the leader of the Senate can come up with,

Bill "The cat killer" Frist says we should get our cars tuned-up and drive slower.
What a visionary, What a leader.

As for the Bush plan it gets even better. He is going to defer 25,000 barrels of oil a day from the strategic oil reserve that are already full. As a country that uses millions of barrels of oil a day this will have no effect at all except for making good TV.

Make sure you vote in the upcoming primaries and send a message to the Democrats and Republicans alike,

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Kucinich has "Scene" the Light... (Muny Light)

When the Cleveland " Scene" was first starting out I was working for a band called "Eli Radish", ( Working for beer I might add). One Saturday night a suit walked up to me just as we had finished setting up the bands gear and asked what I thought of the Scene. " It's no L.A." Was my reply. "No" he said with a chuckle. " The paper, The "Scene",was what he was talking about and since it was time for me to receive payment for my hard labors we sat at the bar for a cold one. As a reader of the just defunct "Burning River Oracle" I had picked up the new rag because they listed the clubs and who would be playing there on a given night. It was great to have this new paper in town. We shared a couple more beers and I wished him well.
A few years later Cleveland was embroiled in a fight to keep its Public power plant from being taken over by a non-public power company. With its banker friends the plan was to say that "Muny Light" was costing the city money. The real reason for wanting the power company was to eliminate competition. Then Mayor Dennis Kucinich took a stand. Knowing full well these very powerful men could ruin his political career. And with anyone else they probably would have succeeded. The bankers called in their loans, put the city in default, and blamed the Mayor. They never did get the Power plant and it serves us all to this day.
As a Congressman Kucinich has shown the same courage on the floor of the house. On healthcare, education, and the war in Iraq his has been a voice in the wilderness. The Republican owned, or should I say corporate owned, congress would like nothing better than to see him gone.
In the Scene's last issue (April 19-25) First Punch sounded more like a corporate schill than the Cleveland Press did all those years ago. Because a politician decides not to give his unqualified opposition some free press you attack the man in the most petty manner I've heard in a long time. Not once talking about his convictions, you instead used childish personal dribble about the mans phyiscal appearance. As for his so-called opponent, I will let her comments stand on their own.
I wonder what that visionary who started your paper would think of the writers your corporate owned paper now has in its employment. " Its no L.A."

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

"Amnesty for All" The New Republican Plan

The Republicans in Washington and around the country are getting ready to announce a plan to give amnesty to all 12 million illegal aliens that are now in the U.S. And they are going to throw a party. That's right, a party. Free food, transportation, and drivers licenses to the first 6 million that show up. The location for this event is tentatively to be held in Nevada. The home state of the Democratic leader of the Senate. The event is to be called " Ola, Ya' All." So start loading up the pick-up trucks and low-riders, it's fiesta time" said one high ranking White House official. Haliburton will be providing all of the tactical support and transportation to the event. So mark this date down....

JUNE 2, 2006.

In other news the pentagon has announced plans to test a nuclear bomb....In the Nevada desert...On June 2, 2006.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

A call has just been placed to the moving company "Two Men and a Drunk." Rummy, Cheney, and Bush are looking for new jobs. Posted by Picasa

Friday, April 14, 2006

Been Had Enough?

Gov. Dean is pushing a new slogan for the Democratic party in the upcoming elections, it's " Had Enough? " Although I feel that it is a plausible slogan it is not quite on target. My feelings are more to the point of " Been Had Enough? " These Democro-fascist have invaded Washington, looted the treasury, limited civil liberties, allowed our jobs to be sent overseas, corrupted the voting process and lied us into a war for profit. All the while stealing as much money as they possibly can though the "Government for Sale " program called K Street. As the truth comes out daily from retired Generals, who no longer have to worry about their careers being ruined by these Republican thugs, the writing should be on the wall for every one of these criminals who now hold power. But wait...... Not yet!

Off in the distance is the faint beat of war drums. Although the Bush Mafia is not very good at winning wars they sure know how to start them. They also know that a country at war is less likely to change governments no matter how poorly that government has performed in the past.

We have elections coming up this fall and they will be our best chance to remove these ideologues from power. If we don't vote them overwhelmingly out of power get ready to send your kids and grandkids to a never ending state of war.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

The GOP Needs A New War

It should be as clear as the lies that lead this country into war with Iraq that the only way the Republicans can keep their hold on power is to start a new war. It looks like that is the strategy they are about to follow. With poll numbers falling faster than Dick Cheney's hunting buddies and it's allies in the congress ducking behind their gated communities the Bush Mafia seems to finally see the reality of their failed policies on everything at home and abroad.
Even the oil industry has decided that they had better suck every last penny from the American people before their " Paid Men" are thrown out of office on their butts. ($3.00 a gallon for gas and rising)

The truth of the matter is that Iran is at least 5 to 10 years from being able to make a nuclear bomb. But don't think that reality will stop the Neo-Con's that run the White House from telling the same load of crap to America.
Nor will the fact that they have been caught lying to us about their reasons for invading Iraq be a deterrent. They already feel that if they can get away with it once, they can get away with it again.

We already have our military forces spread as thin as we possible can so they need a " clean war " with Iran. A way to attack them without sending in more Americans. And what could be easier than a few high power bombs.