Friday, April 14, 2006

Been Had Enough?

Gov. Dean is pushing a new slogan for the Democratic party in the upcoming elections, it's " Had Enough? " Although I feel that it is a plausible slogan it is not quite on target. My feelings are more to the point of " Been Had Enough? " These Democro-fascist have invaded Washington, looted the treasury, limited civil liberties, allowed our jobs to be sent overseas, corrupted the voting process and lied us into a war for profit. All the while stealing as much money as they possibly can though the "Government for Sale " program called K Street. As the truth comes out daily from retired Generals, who no longer have to worry about their careers being ruined by these Republican thugs, the writing should be on the wall for every one of these criminals who now hold power. But wait...... Not yet!

Off in the distance is the faint beat of war drums. Although the Bush Mafia is not very good at winning wars they sure know how to start them. They also know that a country at war is less likely to change governments no matter how poorly that government has performed in the past.

We have elections coming up this fall and they will be our best chance to remove these ideologues from power. If we don't vote them overwhelmingly out of power get ready to send your kids and grandkids to a never ending state of war.


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