Saturday, April 22, 2006

Kucinich has "Scene" the Light... (Muny Light)

When the Cleveland " Scene" was first starting out I was working for a band called "Eli Radish", ( Working for beer I might add). One Saturday night a suit walked up to me just as we had finished setting up the bands gear and asked what I thought of the Scene. " It's no L.A." Was my reply. "No" he said with a chuckle. " The paper, The "Scene",was what he was talking about and since it was time for me to receive payment for my hard labors we sat at the bar for a cold one. As a reader of the just defunct "Burning River Oracle" I had picked up the new rag because they listed the clubs and who would be playing there on a given night. It was great to have this new paper in town. We shared a couple more beers and I wished him well.
A few years later Cleveland was embroiled in a fight to keep its Public power plant from being taken over by a non-public power company. With its banker friends the plan was to say that "Muny Light" was costing the city money. The real reason for wanting the power company was to eliminate competition. Then Mayor Dennis Kucinich took a stand. Knowing full well these very powerful men could ruin his political career. And with anyone else they probably would have succeeded. The bankers called in their loans, put the city in default, and blamed the Mayor. They never did get the Power plant and it serves us all to this day.
As a Congressman Kucinich has shown the same courage on the floor of the house. On healthcare, education, and the war in Iraq his has been a voice in the wilderness. The Republican owned, or should I say corporate owned, congress would like nothing better than to see him gone.
In the Scene's last issue (April 19-25) First Punch sounded more like a corporate schill than the Cleveland Press did all those years ago. Because a politician decides not to give his unqualified opposition some free press you attack the man in the most petty manner I've heard in a long time. Not once talking about his convictions, you instead used childish personal dribble about the mans phyiscal appearance. As for his so-called opponent, I will let her comments stand on their own.
I wonder what that visionary who started your paper would think of the writers your corporate owned paper now has in its employment. " Its no L.A."


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