Saturday, April 29, 2006


With "Faux News" coming out of the closet and receiving a seat at the White House table the Bush regime has tapped Tony Snow as the head of propaganda. Realizing that their lies are getting harder and harder to sell to the American public they have brought in a man with a proven track record of deceit and dishonest news reporting. He should fit right in with these men who say that they "create reality" for dissemination to the country. They seem to think that putting a pretty face in front of the cameras will do more than changing course from their record of failed policy. Policy that has failed at every curve in the road. This may work with the 30% of those who still say that the President is doing an excellent job in running the country. They also believe that the world is flat, 5000 years old, and about to end. They are only right on one count, the world of the neo-con republicans is about to end. It's demise will not be brought about because of the current batch of democrats in Washington but by their own doing. Greed and the notion that they can force their beliefs on the rest of the nation ( or at least fool the nation) has been doomed from the start. Re-tooling the propaganda machine is much to little, way to late. Even Hitler knew when it was time to bite the bullet. So get out your snow shovels and muck rakes, It' time for the Fox produced "Tony Snow Show".
" First question..... Yes, Helen Thomas".
"No comment"
"Would anyone from Fox News like to ask one of those fair and balanced questions that the White House has provided to you this morning".


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