Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day ... One year Later.


I've been writing this stuff for one year and the wars go on. Nothing has changed but the number of lives lost. Please read May, 0/5. Remember to thank a vet. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

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The Student Movement is Growing

After spending the last seven years wondering what had happened to the college student movement in the United States a ray of light is starting to shine on the faces of America's brightest. I first noticed the change at the Anti-war demonstration in Washington last September. There were lots of us who had been there before but the crowed had a large group representing the 18 to 24 demographic. It seems that even with the corporate media ignoring 300,000 of us in the streets of the nations capital, the word was spreading.

In the last few weeks we have seen students voicing one of democracy's most important tools, dissent. With the GOP sending it's deceivers to The New School and Boston College the children of the future are voicing their educated opinion on the Bush Administrations illegal war in Iraq. Good for the future, good for today, good for them.

Sorry McCain and Rice, you are the past. The Children are the future.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Cleveland, Ohio

People in Cleveland today were prepairing to show their
support for ending Bush's illegal war in Iraq.
Case campus is alive with anti-war demostrators. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The hills will be alive in Kentucky today.
Alive with people voting to change the way the country
is being run by the "Greedy Old Party" Posted by Picasa

The South is going to Rise Again....As Democrat's

After spending the last to weekends south of the "Mason-Dixon" line two things have become abundantly clear;
One is that the south is suffering as much as the north economical and two they are tired of being lied to like a bunch of backwards children. The price of gas has left farmers unable to plow their fields or even make what is sometimes a 50 mile round trip to buy groceries. Their world does not include 400 million dollar retirement bonuses or million dollar a year jobs. They work hard ( when they can find a job ) and do the best to take care of their own. As one Tennessee resident put it, "I'm just looking for one of those jobs American's don't want, I'll take it"! Another was told he could keep his job if he would take a pay cut of 33% " So I can compete with the guys hirein' Mexicans" he was told. In Kentucky things were not much better. " Not a lot of Latinos around here" one said. "Hell, there's nothin' for them to do either".
Bush and his cohorts keep making the rounds of TV talking heads telling the country how great the economy is but down here the folk know a dead skunk in the middle of the road when they smell one.

On international issues or national concerns Southerners are coming to the conclusion that they are being deceived by the "Great Decider", George W. Bush. His war of opportunity against Iraq is now seen for what it is, a lie.
With many of the south's finest young men dying for something the Bush administration has run out of lies to defend. The GOP's hijacking of religion is now being seen as no more than a political stunt to persuade good Christians to stand by idyll, while these thugs loot the US treasury and line their friends and their own pockets. Leaving the rest of the country to pay for their deceit. Bush has broken over 750 laws. His administration and the Republican lead congress is involved in even more corrupt behavior than this country has ever seen.
The voters in the south have a big surprise for the "Greedy Old Party" this fall.
"The south has a way of dealing with a carpetbagger from up north, and the southern ones too".

Monday, May 15, 2006

Karl Rove to be Indicted

Today is the day. Karl Rove will be indict by Washington prosecuted Fitzgerald on at least three counts of criminal behavior. The chickens have come home to roost.
After leading the republican party into power by running the most deceitful campaigns in the history of the country, the tide has turned.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Highway Men Take over the Tele-a-graph Station

Limited surveillance my butt! Just a few weeks ago there was Cowboy George standing in front of the TV cameras telling us that the NSA spying was a limited program targeting terrorist. Then we were told by General Hayden that the 4 th amendment to the constitution did not contain the phase " probable cause". Now we come to find out that the government is in cahoots with three major phone companies to track millions of US citizens phone calls and e-mails. What on earth is going on?

First, you should know that ATT is trying to get some measures passed in congress to allow them to charge all of us to post on the internet. The more you pay the faster your service will be. Giving company's and corporation, with deep pockets, an unfair advantage over everyone else. This would also allow them to control the free flow of information.
So when The Bush gang rode into town and walked into the tele-a-graph station the deal was cut. You let us spy on the town folk and we'll let you make a ton of money charging them to use the system that their tax dollars paid to build. We know that this unholy alliance is not only illegal, but is the latest attack on our freedoms.
It is time to contact your representatives in congress (while e-mailing is still free) and let them know we are watching them.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

"God discovers Bush is Deaf and Dumb".

About now the "Red States" and their religious right citizens must feel violated. After being used by the most corrupt group of immoral politicians you would think they would be calling on their Higher Power to smite the Sodemites and money changers where they stand. ( Or in the case of "Hooker-Gate, where they lay.) After coming to power in 1994,the republican's got on their high horse and told the American Taliban that they were going to bring honesty and morality back to Washington. They persecuted President Clinton with baseless investigations and when they found a moral flaw in his character, they impeached him. Then a stranger rode into town. They called him Bush. The new "High Sheriff" of the religious right. He was going to bring a new mood of respectability to the office of the presidency. With God telling him what to do (Or was it Rove) he surrounded himself with like minded folks and set about remaking the world. In his image. When there was an election to be won they knew how to get the town folk to the polls. It was as simple as a beer swilling, pick-up driving, unemployed, God fearing republican. Gays and a woman's right to chose. With that battle cry their "religious Whacko's" (Jack Abamnoff's term, not mine)would light the torches, grab their pitch forks and meet on Main Street. The problem was that God was listening. And when he realilized George Bush was deaf and dumb, he knew it was time to shine some light into the darkness.

Tom DeLay, Scooter Libby, Duke Cunningham, K- Street, Spying on Americans, Rigged voting machines, lying us into war, and on and on and on. Now we have "Hooker-Gate". If God is watching, He is watching the so-called "religious Right" for their reaction.

Monday, May 08, 2006

The dog "Liberal" is asking me "Maddog" if it's time for a new address? Posted by Picasa

Watching the Watchers

We finally have the proof that most of us have known for a long time. Bush has either lost his mind or the neo-con plan for world domination is right on course. Unfortunately step one is the domination of the American people. With our civil liberties under attack, the voting system rigged and the middle class carrying the tax burden, the only thing left to do was to keep track of political dissent here at home. To do this he has ordered the military to take over the CIA. It's to early to do this right out in the open so he has appointed a 4 star active duty general to lead the attack. Not just any general but the one who headed the domestic spying at NSA.

Enter General Mike Hayden.

General Hayden is a good soldier. He knows how to follow orders. When given the task of carrying out illegal spying on U.S. citizens he did as he was told. He said that if there was one thing that the people at NSA knew it was the 4th amendment to the constitution. Then he went on to say that the 4th amendment did not say you had to have "probable cause" to do a search and seizure. That probable cause was not in the 4th amendment. It is. It's the foundation of the 4th amendment.

Get ready for canceled elections, martial law to be declared and King George to be crowned.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Remember Kent State Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Fix is In.


THE DIEBOLT PRODUCED VOTING MACHINES ARE RIGGED. The optical scan voting machines being used in Ohio's largest county did not work properly on May 2, 2006. That's because Diebolt decided not to test them until May 1. The day before the election. These are the machines that are used to count absentee ballots. A hand count is now underway.

After the Sec. Of State (Republican Kennyboy Blackwell), who cut the deal to buy these flawed voting machines, realized many people would be voting by absentee ballot the fix was in.
As a share holder in the Diebolt company the Republican candidate for Ohio governor(Blackwell) was illegally making money on the deal. In the corrupt world of Ohio politics this is nothing new. When you conceder that the owner of Diebolt assured George Bush of victory in the '04 presidential election. With Blackwell as the top election official in the state and rigged voting machines in place, Ohio was given to Bush. With Ohio went the election.

KenCo and its parent company BushCo must not be allowed steal one more election anywhere. The people of this state need to know that their vote counts. That means every republican office holder must be voted out. A clean sweep.
Only then will the criminal outrages be stopped.

Monday, May 01, 2006


May 2, 2006 could be the beginning of the end for the corrupt gang of republicans that have held sway over "Our" government in Washington for the last decade. It all depends on the voters of this country and whether we as a people have a sense of outrage to send the most corrupt group of thieving ideologues back to their corporate masters. Every American has the right and duty to ensure that our democracy works. All we have to do is vote. If you feel that we were lied to in order to take this country to war. The path is clear. If you believe that the country is going in the wrong direction in matters such as taxes, workers rights, personal freedoms you must exert your power to change the governing class that has worked against the citizens of this country for the benefit of the few. If you think the economy, which they tell us is strong, is only strong because corporate profits are at record levels. Profits that are gained by outsourcing our jobs to third world countries. Countries where the workers work for slave wages with no workers rights and no health care. Their standards of living have not gotten any higher because the governments of this countries and the corporations suck the profits up for themselves. If you think that these and many more outrages must be put to an end then make sure to vote. With the price of gas going though the roof you might conceder sharing a ride with a friend. Be a part of history.