Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Fix is In.


THE DIEBOLT PRODUCED VOTING MACHINES ARE RIGGED. The optical scan voting machines being used in Ohio's largest county did not work properly on May 2, 2006. That's because Diebolt decided not to test them until May 1. The day before the election. These are the machines that are used to count absentee ballots. A hand count is now underway.

After the Sec. Of State (Republican Kennyboy Blackwell), who cut the deal to buy these flawed voting machines, realized many people would be voting by absentee ballot the fix was in.
As a share holder in the Diebolt company the Republican candidate for Ohio governor(Blackwell) was illegally making money on the deal. In the corrupt world of Ohio politics this is nothing new. When you conceder that the owner of Diebolt assured George Bush of victory in the '04 presidential election. With Blackwell as the top election official in the state and rigged voting machines in place, Ohio was given to Bush. With Ohio went the election.

KenCo and its parent company BushCo must not be allowed steal one more election anywhere. The people of this state need to know that their vote counts. That means every republican office holder must be voted out. A clean sweep.
Only then will the criminal outrages be stopped.


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