Wednesday, May 10, 2006

"God discovers Bush is Deaf and Dumb".

About now the "Red States" and their religious right citizens must feel violated. After being used by the most corrupt group of immoral politicians you would think they would be calling on their Higher Power to smite the Sodemites and money changers where they stand. ( Or in the case of "Hooker-Gate, where they lay.) After coming to power in 1994,the republican's got on their high horse and told the American Taliban that they were going to bring honesty and morality back to Washington. They persecuted President Clinton with baseless investigations and when they found a moral flaw in his character, they impeached him. Then a stranger rode into town. They called him Bush. The new "High Sheriff" of the religious right. He was going to bring a new mood of respectability to the office of the presidency. With God telling him what to do (Or was it Rove) he surrounded himself with like minded folks and set about remaking the world. In his image. When there was an election to be won they knew how to get the town folk to the polls. It was as simple as a beer swilling, pick-up driving, unemployed, God fearing republican. Gays and a woman's right to chose. With that battle cry their "religious Whacko's" (Jack Abamnoff's term, not mine)would light the torches, grab their pitch forks and meet on Main Street. The problem was that God was listening. And when he realilized George Bush was deaf and dumb, he knew it was time to shine some light into the darkness.

Tom DeLay, Scooter Libby, Duke Cunningham, K- Street, Spying on Americans, Rigged voting machines, lying us into war, and on and on and on. Now we have "Hooker-Gate". If God is watching, He is watching the so-called "religious Right" for their reaction.


Blogger Robot Buddha said...

I think the Fundie argument goes something like this:

"God chose Bush to lead us.

If Bush is wrong, then...God made a mistake?


Or something like that.

May 10, 2006  

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