Friday, May 12, 2006

Highway Men Take over the Tele-a-graph Station

Limited surveillance my butt! Just a few weeks ago there was Cowboy George standing in front of the TV cameras telling us that the NSA spying was a limited program targeting terrorist. Then we were told by General Hayden that the 4 th amendment to the constitution did not contain the phase " probable cause". Now we come to find out that the government is in cahoots with three major phone companies to track millions of US citizens phone calls and e-mails. What on earth is going on?

First, you should know that ATT is trying to get some measures passed in congress to allow them to charge all of us to post on the internet. The more you pay the faster your service will be. Giving company's and corporation, with deep pockets, an unfair advantage over everyone else. This would also allow them to control the free flow of information.
So when The Bush gang rode into town and walked into the tele-a-graph station the deal was cut. You let us spy on the town folk and we'll let you make a ton of money charging them to use the system that their tax dollars paid to build. We know that this unholy alliance is not only illegal, but is the latest attack on our freedoms.
It is time to contact your representatives in congress (while e-mailing is still free) and let them know we are watching them.


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