Monday, May 01, 2006


May 2, 2006 could be the beginning of the end for the corrupt gang of republicans that have held sway over "Our" government in Washington for the last decade. It all depends on the voters of this country and whether we as a people have a sense of outrage to send the most corrupt group of thieving ideologues back to their corporate masters. Every American has the right and duty to ensure that our democracy works. All we have to do is vote. If you feel that we were lied to in order to take this country to war. The path is clear. If you believe that the country is going in the wrong direction in matters such as taxes, workers rights, personal freedoms you must exert your power to change the governing class that has worked against the citizens of this country for the benefit of the few. If you think the economy, which they tell us is strong, is only strong because corporate profits are at record levels. Profits that are gained by outsourcing our jobs to third world countries. Countries where the workers work for slave wages with no workers rights and no health care. Their standards of living have not gotten any higher because the governments of this countries and the corporations suck the profits up for themselves. If you think that these and many more outrages must be put to an end then make sure to vote. With the price of gas going though the roof you might conceder sharing a ride with a friend. Be a part of history.


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